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E-comm stores with stories can convert up to 2.5X Better than regular e-comm stores.
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Get more people craving for your products

Level Up Your Organic Traffic

Attract new buyers with Google Web Stories. Increase your SEO score and promote your products on the first page of Google Search results

Social media

Serve the content your customers love with our engaging format. Instead of everyday's content, entice your audience with engaging, purchase-ready stories.

Connect Offline & Online with QR codes

Connecting online and offline worlds has never been easier! Have your QR codes on billboards, product tags, or products and transform prospects into buyers.

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Turn scroll into purchases

Sell directly from Stories

Give your prospects a clear path to purchase and you will see amazing results! Add CTA buttons to your stories and start converting your prospects into paying customers!

Personalized & Dynamic Landing Pages

Sell like crazy with a personalized & dynamic approach. Connect with your buyers through personalized messages and only serve them content that is relevant to each of them.

Channels on Steroids

Power-up your marketing channels with stories. Instead of keeping up with boring text, provide your customers with the experience they deserve - on every. channel. you. use.

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03 Retain

Increase Customer LTV up to 4X with StorifyMe

Stay Relevant

Refreshing the content in your online store is a must in order to maintain the buyers interest. With our simple-to-use widgets you can now announce a new collection, promote products on sale or simply add new ones in just 3 clicks.

Retarget Like a Pro

Track each view & every unique visit on each story, analyze the data and retarget your buyers with the dynamic stories showing only the products they were almost ready to buy.

Get a product rating

Owners of successful online stores know that the more product reviews your store has, the better the odds are that you'll find new customers. Ask your existing customers for a review, or a product rating.

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We play well with your favorite tools

Bring power of storytelling to the new heights with out of the box integrations.

Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Facebook Pixel


Customers love StorifyMe

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“We were about to build Instagram-style stories from scratch in our app when I discovered StorifyMe. We managed to integrate stories into our app in a matter of days vs. weeks of custom development and they look great. Plus the team are super nice & helpful!”

Marty Bell
Co-Founder @ Nude

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