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3 Effective Ways to Use Short-Video Formats in Branding in 2023

Short video formats are becoming prevalent in marketing. Here are some tips and tricks on how to utilize them to create an effective branding strategy in 2023.

Customer Success Team
January 23, 2024

It is now more than ever important for advertisers and brands to adapt their video formats due to the constantly expanding variety of devices, social networks, and streaming platforms that demand diverse content formats.

Nevertheless, as usual, one content format will be favored in comparison to others. We are all well aware that we’re talking about vertical short video formats. Therefore, many brands have seen the apparent potential of video in 2023.

Let’s see the reasons why you should include short-video formats in your branding strategy and in which effective ways you can do so.

Vertical Videos Are a Must in Marketing and Branding

It’s 2023. and we’re all used to our phones and vertical formats. It is assessed that vertical video formats have a much higher completion rate than others. To be precise, 90% of vertical videos versus the videos watched horizontally.

No one is willing to rotate their phone nowadays, and rightfully so. Who has the time for that? When it comes to ads, they just have to be catchy and then the odds for them to be watched are fair, unless it requires the audience to rotate their phones. Less than 30% of consumers are going to turn their phones sideways to watch an ad, and even if they do so, the chances for them to watch the whole video lessen.  

Also, don’t lose sight of the importance of the need for the video format to be aligned with the format of the platform users are already on. In this day and age, that is most likely going to be a platform filled with vertical mobile-native content.

Optimize Your Shorts for Mute Viewing

One way in which you can show your customers you care for them is also by making your short story-like videos more accessible. There’s no more need to have the sound on. Add subtitles to the verbal parts of your video. That way you can ensure that even the deaf and people who are hard of hearing can enjoy watching your shorts.

Mute story watching
Make your short-video formats accessible to everyone.

Create a Sense of Closeness With Your Audience Through Short-Video Formats

A short story-like video is the perfect way to connect to your audience. It’s a pretty natural way for people to get to know your brand. There’s a need for such a relationship. Your audience needs to know that your values are shared and aligned.

You can accomplish that in numerous ways. Some of them we’ll list below.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Content

Everyone loves to sneak a peek from time to time. Give your audience the opportunity to see your product from a different angle. To see the behind-the-scenes of the product or content they love. To get to know the people working on it. This content should also be dedicated to introducing the team. There’s your chance to show your values and what your brand is passionate about. Your brand’s personality and what your brand really is about! This type of short video should spark the interest of your users even more and feel the most natural.

  • Short-Video Formats as Product Teasers

This has become a very popular trend in 2023. Shorts are the best way for your customers to see new features or just for you to show them all the ways in which they can use the product with very little effort on their end. In a digestible-size video, they get to know everything they’re interested in. And you’ll get the best results if you make a series out of short videos. That way every single of your customers gets to scroll down to the part they’re most excited about.

Shorts as product teasers
Show your customers new features or products

  • User-Generated Videos as the Dominant Marketing Content of 2023.

UGC is rapidly gaining popularity alongside short-video formats. We doubt that you’re unfamiliar with the term. But just in case you were living under a rock the past decade, here’s a brief definition. UGC, also known as UCC (user-created content) is any form of content created by the consumers and posted by them or a platform that manages their content. By utilizing this type of content you strengthen the bond with your consumers while creating the most trustworthy content. You show your product in its natural habitat, and how it is being used organically. And what a way to show any potential new customers what they can achieve using your product!

Short-video formats as user-generated content
Give your clients the opportunity to be a part of your brand.

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