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Boost Your Organic Traffic

Increase your organic traffic and entice your potential leads with rich media, visual representation of your message.
Shoppable & Enticing

Present your offer in a visualized way and give your potential leads a chance to shop for products, subscribe for more or get excited about your offer - directly from a story!

Engaging & Interactive

Engage your audience by asking them to participate in polls or give you feedback. Announce news or new collections and get to know your leads even before they become your leads.

Informative & Audience-Centric

Ask your audience what they'd like to see more of and send them to the story showing them exactly the topic they were looking for! Dynamic story flows gives relevant content in a broadly targeted campaign.

Add Stories to Your Website

Modify the look and feel of every single widget & pick the exact placement you want it to show. Go even further and organize in which order your stories are showing.
Adjusted for Creativity: Custom Widget Design

Customize the look of your widgets - pick a border, background, padding and even border color, and then get into customizing the shape of your stories within widgets.

Full control with no additional code needed

Once your widgets are added to the website you own full access to stories on your website. Enable/disable stories and your widgets with a single click, with no additional code needed.

New stories, unlimited edits

Enable or disable each story, add new stories to the existing widget or change the existing stories. You have the control - unlimited changes to the published stories, how stories show or even which stories are showing.

All Data in One Place

Dig into the performance of your account, stories or your engaging elements with our powerful analytics and intuitive UI. Keep track of user interest by analyzing each story and user behaviors.
Account Overview

See data of all of your stories, combined, in one chart. See all data or segment it by device, date or country and dig into metrics that tell a story, with the help of visualized charts.

Story Analytics

Dig deeper into understanding the engagement within each google web story and learn more about your audience interest based on the content of slides they visited the most.

Engaging elements

If the story doesn’t tell you all you need to know about your peers, the data on how they responded to each engaging element will. See how they responded to polls, open questions or quizzes and prepare a perfect campaign to retain your peers based on their answers.

Features you might be interested in

No matter how sweet the cookie is, the cherry on top is always the best part. We didn’t want to build only an amazing story editor, our wish was to create a real deal for our customers to enjoy.
Drag & Drop Editor

Google Web Story creation in no time

Numerous Templates

Not feeling inspired? Use any of hundreds of templates.


Enable auto advance and have stories load one after another

Product Tagging

Tag products in your stories and allow purchase directly from stories

Preview Stories on any device

Preview how your story looks on different devices.

Shoppable stories

Add-to-cart button allows one click buy & better conversion rate

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AI-powered assistant will do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best - engaging with your audience.

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