About StorifyMe

StorifyMe enables brands to share their message in a visualized, engaging way on a channel that will work best for them - to share their message through stories.

Our Vision

Behind our solution stands a team focused on helping brands improve user engagement, get more sales and use a format that feels truly organic to their audience, when delivering their messages.

Our Mission

We believe that interactive stories will soon become a necessity for any brand that cares about their own online presence, and our mission is to bridge the gap between technology behind story experiences and the way brands are communicating with their customers.

We are focused on creating an easy to use, affordable solution for any brand that wants to join hundreds of others that are already benefiting from the influential mobile-first experiences.

By facilitating influential mobile-first experiences, StorifyMe brings to the table a new way of message delivery, enabling brands to distribute the right message on the right channel, to each user - in a more engaging format.

"We are super proud that our laser focused team managed to build a solution that is helping some of the biggest companies in the world”

founder of StorifyMe
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