Internal Communication

Share your message with your team & know if you are being heard

Communicate your company update in a format people are used to engaging with - stories. Track who viewed your message, ask employees for feedback & create interactive communication mediums.

Did you know
Messages shared in a story format get a 4x better engagement rate and have a much bigger impact compared to messages delivered in any other format
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01 Motivate

Convert Your Employees into your Company Advocates

Visual, rich media content

Create interactive stories, and add rich media content, from photos and gifs to videos and emojis, all while making sure you’re communicating with your employees in a more approachable manner.

Company announcements

You’d want your company announcements to be read and understood by each and every employee in your company, and with stories you are ensuring every announcement will be not only read but welcomed by your team members.

Right message for the right team

Make the life of your HR & Internal communication offices easier and less time consuming by creating separate audiences for each team. With Teams you can make sure you’re sharing only the message that is relevant to each of your teams.

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02 Include

Allow your employees to be a part of a solution

Ask for a feedback

Not sure how satisfied your employees are and what is the overall health of the working environment in your company? Get feedback in a single tap from all of your employees and have it presented in an easy to analyze report.

Get answers on anything

A new release or a new company guideline, new vacation policy or maybe even 2 different benefits to choose from - ask your employees what they think about it and have them feel included and heard before making a final decision - all directly from stories!

Ask your employees to share their ideas

Ask your employees (or only the relevant teams) to share their ideas on how to solve a problem, propose a solution to a bug or share their ideas on how to generate more sales, in a most comfortable and natural format for them - stories.

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03 Analyze

All of your reports & data, protected

Analyze how your message is being received

With StoifyMe you can dig deep into every message you share, collect & analyze employees’ feedback or ratings. You can see how all of your stories are performing or focus on behavior around interactive elements or even on one unique view.

Gated content

If you are sharing any sensitive content, you can rest peacefully knowing that, if you choose the option to share it only with your employees, they’re the only ones who can see it.

Self Hosted Stories & Analytics

If you’d like to have full control over where your data is stored, you can host your stories and your analytics on your own servers. Our team will send all of your analytics to your own warehouse.

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We play well with your favorite tools

Bring power of storytelling to the new heights with out of the box integrations.

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