StorifyMe Partner Program

Teaming up with agencies and marketers to grow online brands

We take partnerships seriously

If you’re a designer, marketer, an agency, a freelancer or an advisor - we will be a great fit
Get up to 25% of the recurring revenue

What are the benefits for your clients?

More sales with sale from a story feature

Lead warm up with engaging elements and product announcements

The most preferred format for buyers, available in their store

Easy-to-create, no-code-needed landing pages

Personalized & Dynamic stories or landing pages

Personalized & Dynamic Thank you notes for lower buyers’ remorse

Hi Alex

Success stories

Using stories for Onboarding & Education

Ensure your team is consistent with your branding throughout all stories they create. Save time by allowing StorifyMe to analyze your branding, import your logo and your fonts.

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What are the benefits for you?

Dedicated onboarding manager for you and your team

Strategic guidance for onboarding & closing new clients

Email & Chat Support

Revenue Share: 25% of every transaction made by clients you referred

Private dashboard to track your commissions

Unique affiliate link

Better results, faster

What You’ll Learn on a Partnership Discovery Call

How your clients can leverage StorifyMe’s unique features

Walk you through a product security for your Enterprise users

Share our learnings and best practices specific to your clients' industry

Specifics of our Revenue Share program

Create your first story within a minute!

AI-powered assistant will do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best - engaging with your audience.

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