Check out tools that will make your stories even more powerful - seamlessly integrated with StorifyMe.

Social Networks
Content Management
Cloud Storage
Stock Media

Social Networks

Transfer your stories to your Facebook account and have your stories where you need them.
Your stories on the channel you need them. Seamless integration, ready-to-post stories.
Share your stories to your LinkedIn account in one click.
Connect Pinterest with your StorifyMe account and have your stories where you need them.
Sharing stories on Twitter is now possible with our easy integration process


Adobe Analytics
Integrate StorifyMe analytics with Adobe Analytics and have all of your data in one place
Facebook Pixel
Connect your Facebook pixel, collect the data and retarget your audience.
Google Analytics
All your data from stories added to your Google Analytics, in a few clicks.
Dig deeper into how your audience behave in stories by integrating your StorifyMe account with HotJar.
Pinterest Pixel
Connect Pinterest pixel and collect the data you need for successful campaigns.

Content Management

Building content in a new format. Connect your Contentful account with your StorifyMe account in a matter of seconds.
Add stories to your Webflow webiste easily, and add/remove/replace stories without additional code
Add interactive, engaging stories anywhere on your Wordpress website easy, with our Worpress integration.

Cloud Storage

Save time by integrating your Dropbox account with StorifyMe account - have all the assets you need transferred in a single click.
Google Drive
All the assets you need for your stories hassle-free. Connect your Google Drive with your StorifyMe account and transfer the assets you need

Stock Media

Getty Images
Add Getty photo/video media into your stories
Add gifs to your stories with our Giphy integration
Find the photo/video you like and add it to your stories - easily with our prebuilt integration

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