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Excite your audience with dynamic & personalized stories, create landing pages,share stories via link or QR code, and track the performance - without having to worry about the security of your data.

Everything you need to tell your story

Our team made sure that your first few steps will be as sleek as you hitting the Publish button at the finish line.

Personalized & Relevant

With StorifyMe you can have a personalized approach for each of your audience segments. Create audiences, enrich them with custom attributes and deliver the most relevant stories to every single user.

Location - aware

Get closer to your audience by serving your audience with stories in their language. Create stories in different languages and let our CMS recognize the location of a viewer and show them stories in the language used in their location.

Different Stories, Your Branding

StorifyMe will analyze your branding, import your logo and your fonts, all while making sure that you keep consistent with your branding throughout all stories. 

Accessibility Friendly

Have your content accessible to all - including those that are visually or hearing impaired . StorifyMe lets you add and edit subtitles to your stories or create stories for the visually impaired.

Secure & Compliant

Our team ensured that your data is protected. Rest free knowing your data is in safe hands.
Single Sign-On

With the SSO, gated content is no longer impossible.

GDPR Compliant

We take protection & sharing of your data very seriously.

Your data stored in a location of your choosing

Choose between our US or EU servers and know that your data is where you need it.

All Your Data Where It Belongs

With Storify you can choose to host your data and your stories.
Self Hosted Analytics

If you prefer storing your data in your own warehouse, we will send it to your servers.

Self-Hosted Stories

Our enterprise clients can choose the possibility to host their own stories.

Designed for your security & your comfort

No matter how sweet the cookie is, the cherry on top is always the best part. We didn’t want to build only an amazing story editor, our wish was to create a real deal for our customers to enjoy.
Audit Logs

Track any change made by anyone in your team.

Role Based Access Control

Create different access rights based on the user role.

Product Security

Rest peacefully knowing that your data is in the safe hands.

SLA & Support

Your expectations met, with the dedicated support agents.

Custom Billing

Custom billing for your convenience.

Custom agreements

Custom-made agreements, approved by your legal team

Use Cases

StorifyMe lets you define your audiences and import as many personalized fields you need: from age, location, name to the products/services they’re interested in.
Internal Communication

Communication with your employees has never been easier and less time-consuming. Communicate company updates, news or announcements through personalized stories. Create different messages for different teams and know only your employees will see it.

User Onboarding

Welcome your new users to the world of your brand through interactive stories. Share company background, familiarize your users with what they can expect or ask them what kind of content they would like to be seeing.


Create powerful marketing campaigns with stories. Create dynamic landing pages or ads and share them via link, QR code, NFC or embed them anywhere on your website or in your app. Having interactive landing pages is no longer a struggle.

Collect Feedback, Know Your NPS

Collecting feedback, product ratings or your net promoter score, stories can be the most powerful format to do so. Be mindful of your users' time and collect all the feedback you need with stories, in a single tap.

Prospect & User Education

If you want to make sure your message gets noticed and is remembered, create your educational materials in a short, snackable story format - one of the the most preferred formats for absorbing content.

Product Descriptions

Create engaging product descriptions, with detailed product care, product background and examples of how to use the product. Have your landing pages accessible through QR code attached to the product, or shared next to your product, online.

Start telling stories. Anywhere and anytime.

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