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Get More Sales: Build Personalized Sales Decks in a Story Format

Close more sales by leveraging a format people love - stories. Build stunning sales decks in a story format, engage your prospects and have them fall in love with your offer

Did you know
Offers shared in a story format get a 4x better engagement rate and have a much bigger impact compared to offers delivered in any other format
Thousands — from brands to individuals — use StorifyMe
Follow These 3 Steps and Launch Your Sales Into the Future
01 Personalize

Build Unforgettable Sales Decks

Visual, rich media content

Build unique story presentations mixing videos, gifs, photos and text. Create animation to emphasize your unique selling points and have one of the first touches with your company be the one to remember.

Custom Story Flows

Build custom story flows based on the info you have on your prospects - gender, age, interests , size of the company, or anything at all.

Personalized experience

A personalized touch with no extra work: create personalized sales decks once and know that each of your prospects will receive a personalized experience.

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02 Engage

Warm up your prospects


The best way to warm up your prospects is to let them engage with your sales deck. Add open question elements, add polls, or have your prospects ask you questions directly from a presentation.

Call to Action

Add call to action buttons in your sales decks and have your prospects schedule a next call or a demo, ask for agreement to be sent or whatever the next step might be for your team - make sure your prospects can proactively move forward to it.


Connect your Facebook pixel and start retargeting your prospects based on their behavior in your sales deck. Someone went through the whole deck but hasn't made a move? Maybe it’s time to remind them of why your company is awesome, before reaching out to them.

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03 Sell

Insights & Security

Analyze how your offer is being received

Dig deep into every sales deck you share, collect & analyze behavior and engagement of all prospects or each prospect, individually.

Self Hosted Stories & Analytics

If you’d like to have full control over where your sales decks are stored, you can host your stories and your analytics on your own servers. Our team will make sure that all of your data lives in your warehouse.

Control Distribution

Control how, where and with who your sales pitches are being shared. Share it via link with a dedicated person, enable/disable resharing and control who can view your sales offer - all in a few clicks.

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