Stories for E-Comm Stores

Turn Your Store Visitors into Your Customers

Dynamic Stories in Your Shopify Store

Feature Your Products

Announce new collections, feature items on sale, or promote specific items - wherever you want within your mobile store.
Excite & Engage Your Users

Warm up your users by adding engaging elements; ask them do they like your products, invite them to participate in quizzes, polls and questionnaires and get them to trust your brand before they make their first purchase..

Build Anticipation & Collect Leads

Building anticipation gets you one step closer to creating an army of loyal customers. Use rich media to announce new products and show them in action, build anticipation with a countdown and collect leads with a reminder button.

Same Story, Multiple Destinations

Create one story and share it on all channels you use for marketing. Add them to your website, use them as a landing page or as a part of your marketing campaigns.
Stories in your app can be stories on your website

Add your in-app stories to your website, with a single line of code and create an aligned experience for your audience.

Paid Marketing Campaigns

Use your stories as landing pages and use it as a part of your paid marketing campaigns or a part of your social media strategy.

Email & SMS

Share your story via link and include it in your SMS & Email campaign. Create a personalized & dynamic experience for your audience from channel to landing page.

Track, Analyze, Improve

Track the behavior on your landing pages, analyze the engagement and retarget your peers with the relevant message
Powerful analytics

Learn how every unique visitor engages with your stories: what products are they mostly interested in, how are they reacting to your questions and engaging elements.

Analyze the Data

Build even better experiences for your users by analyzing the powerful and intuitive reports. Learn more about your users, their interests and how to turn them into customers.

Improve with A/B tests

Improve your stories by knowing all of your data is being stored. With simple to create A/B tests compare the results and give all of your users a better experience.

A bit of extra features

Get to see your new solution a bit closer...
GDPR Compliant

We take protection & sharing of your data very seriously.

Full control while sharing

Choose how and will your story be distributed and reshared by your audience.

Product Tagging

Tag Your products in your stories and enable click-to-buy feature.

Preview Stories on any device

Preview how your story looks on different devices.

1-Click Buy

Have your audience buy directly from your landing page

Engaging Elements

Warm up your audience before converting them into your customers

Create your first story within a minute!

AI-powered assistant will do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best - engaging with your audience.

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