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StorifyMe & Vajro together allow e-comm stores of all sizes to transform their business and communicate in a format their audience prefers - through easy to build apps and in-app stories.

A clear path to better LTV

Struggling to improve your customer lifetime value stays in the past. With our seamless integration with Vajro, your customers can experience your brand in a format more suitable for the future.

Build an app in 60 minutes

Feature collections through stories

Build Dynamic Landing Stories

Measure & Improve

How can Vajro help?

Vajro allows Shopify businesses to transform their store into a great looking, highly converting app, in 60 minutes. Their amazing editor lets you choose from different widgets, making sure your app matches those of big brands. Have your native app up and running within the same week and while you’re waiting for the app to go live in the stores, you can safely start announcing it to your customers, offering special in-app deals. Once your customers land in your app, make sure you have stories to welcome them with featured products, quizzes, lead warm up stories and items on sale. Give your customers the luxury of buying directly from in-app stories and get a step closer to your desired LTV.

How can my business benefit from this partnership?

We have been testing our hypothesis and we believe numbers speak more than words.
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