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Using stories for Onboarding & Education


Monthly Growth Rate

30, 000+

Daily Active Users


In App Story Follower Rate

Elevate Your Mobile App Experience with Rocket DBS

"We witnessed astonishing numbers in the first month of implementing stories in one of our clients’ apps. Initially we saw a huge peak in the number of daily active users and right after the increase in engagement and the number of people checking on stories to learn more on how to collect their points and use loyalty programs."

Discover Rocket DBS

Rocket DBS is an innovative mobile app development company that is dedicated to providing exceptional mobile experiences to their customers. Greatly invested in helping their clients improve customer loyalty, Rocket DBS is focusing heavily in creating great looking mobile apps that are designed to engage users and keep them coming back for more. To further enhance user engagement, Rocket DBS is utilizing StorifyMe to add in-app stories to each app they create.

Why Rocket DBS?

Frankly, what they’re doing is focusing on the results instead of the work only. What they’re bringing to the table is the complete digitalization of loyalty programs and brand cross promotion.

What Rocket DBS is proud of is the service and professionalism and pixel-perfect work they provide to their clients. As partners, Rocket DBS has challenged us to become better, strive for easier story-to-app experience for clients and what our product team is Extremely proud of - they’re committed to including stories to every app they create, seeing the initial results.

Rocket DBS is extremely focused and excels in customer education and user onboarding and with strong engagement rates and improved customer loyalty constantly being delivered to their clients, Rocket DBS is in a great position to achieve success in the industry.

Customer Loyalty through Engaging Experiences

The results of Rocket DBS' efforts have been impressive so far. One of their apps has seen a 30k DAU in the first month, increasing monthly by 137.6%. Out of these 30,000 daily active users, 32.7% were actively following in-app stories, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the stories they create and the overall quality of their apps. This high engagement rate has been instrumental in increasing customer loyalty and keeping users engaged and coming back for more. By investing heavily in mobile app development and utilizing StorifyMe, Rocket DBS is ensuring that their customers have the best possible experience with their apps.

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