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All about Google Web Stories (AMP Stories)

Google Web Stories are a visual content format that can be compared to Instagram Stories. However, there are some major differences.

March 29, 2022

What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are a visual content format that can be compared to Instagram Stories.

However, there are some major differences.

Unlike Instagram stories that are having 24 hours shelf life and can only be seen inside social media app, Web Stories are not time-limited and are floating in the open web. Google Web Stories can be found inside Google Search like any regular web page and shared across different channels.

When it comes to narrative, Google Web Stories focuses less on social and informal, focus is on informational and long-lasting.

What's the difference between Google Stories and AMP stories?

Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular Instagram and Snapchat format that combines video, audio, images, animation and text to create a dynamic consumption experience.

This visual format lets users explore content at their own pace by tapping through it, or swiping from one piece of content to the next.

Because they are based on AMP technology developed by Google, Web Stories are also known as Google Stories and AMP Stories. They are all referred to same concept.

How do I create Google Web Stories?

At first, the only way to create Web Stories was by using Google AMP tutorials and coding.

Today, there are numerous tools to create great Web Stories by dragging and dropping. Each of the tools is adapted to a specific niche.

Samuel Schmitt explored the subject of different Web Stories tools, tried all of them and wrote an excessive blog post about all tools in the market.

For those who like a little more creative freedom or control, the AMP stories tools can be limiting. Luckily, with just a little HTML, CSS, and Photoshop knowledge, anyone can custom code own Web Story by using guidelines provided by Google AMP.

What is Google Story Builder?

Google Story Builder is a tool made for WordPress where people can make visual experiences known as Web (AMP) Stories without coding.

Before, the only way to make Web Story for Wordpress was coding.

Today, there are platforms, tools, plugins and builders for the purpose of creating, publishing and analyzing Web Stories in one place.

Web Stories are still among non-saturated channels that people should take advantage of. Competition in organic search results is low and there are keywords that can be used for making a great web story.

How to generate traffic with Web stories?

There are two major ways one can generate traffic with Web Stories.

1. First is by doing an SEO for Web Stories so that Web Story shows up in organic search results. Carousel called VISUAL STORIES, Google Images and Discover are places to show Web Stories.

Also, Web Stories can appear on Google Discover on Android and iOS via the latest Google app in the form of a widget near the top of the feed. Google explained SEO for Web Stories in details.

2. The other way is by placing stories on your website or sharing links among different channels like email, paid ads, SMS, QR codes.

How will Google Web Stories affect SEO?

Google Web Stories are one of the initiatives made by Google to make browsing experience on mobile better and smoother.

Although Google didn't mentioned direct affect on overall SEO boost, it did made an excessive guide about SEO for Web Stories.

Speaking in that way, Google Web Stories do affect SEO as they are giving publisher a great spot at the top of Search Results if they create a great content worth sharing.

In the future, it’s expected that Web Stories will have even more impact on SEO.

How will the new Web Stories by Google change search?

Google Web Stories already changed search.

Today when searching, there is a dedicated space at the top of Search Results in a carousel section called visual stories that will show web stories for the search term.

Besides, Google included Web Stories in Google Images and Discover.

Does Google actually favor you more for using Google Web Stories (give you higher rankings)?

Google didn’t announce that it will favor websites that are using Web Stories more.

Anyway, it is rewarding good stories examples by placing them at the top of Search Results organic results, Google Images and Google Discover.

The place for web stories is in a form of a carousel with featured images and it is attracting more attention than plain text results.

How do you access Google Web Stories on desktop?

Google Web Stories are one of the newest content format based on AMP technology that combines the best out of social media engagement and open web visibility.

Unlike for example Instagram stories, Web Stories are in a form of a webpage that can be found across the open web and in Google Search, Discover, and Images.

Because stories are mobile-first format, stories are responsive and adapted to users’ device. Anybody can access them on desktop without the need for a special app.

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