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Best content formats to promote spring/summer season 2023

You need to be aware of the top content formats to promote the spring/summer season of 2023 if you wish to draw in a decent audience.

Seeing that content marketing trends are always changing, we are more than excited to bring you up to speed on what content is most likely to bring you views and quality online traffic. Of course, the quality of your content and the seamlessness of your brand integration will play a big role in whether or not your content is effective. But, if you already know what you are doing, here are the top content formats to promote the spring/summer season of 2023.

Top content formats to promote spring/summer season 2023

Before we outline our pick of the best-performing content formats for 2023, it is important to make something clear. You shouldn't take their ongoing effectiveness as a guarantee that they will help you grow your brand. Like with all marketing trends, you need to follow statistics, and see how your brand can benefit from them. This means that you ought to carefully consider which content format will represent your brand properly. Only through such content do you stand to gain a decent audience and yield quality traffic.

Short videos

You might think that short videos are only suitable for TikTok. After all, the whole platform was built on short videos. But, you'd be mistaken. In practice, short videos have found their way into YouTube (YouTube shorts), Facebook (Facebook Stories), Instagram, LinkedIn, and various other platforms. Even websites choose to use short videos as an easy way to push content.

Kids watching a short video on a laptop.
Regardless of how old your viewership is, short videos are one of the best content formats to promote the spring-summer of season 2023.

You've likely wondered what is it that makes short videos so prevalent and effective in modern marketing. And, in truth, nobody knows for sure. The bite-sized nature of the format. All the ways in which you can set it up. Its mobile-friendly nature. All these are factors as to why short videos are the dominant type of content in all demographics. If you are still unsure as to how to organize your content, we would advise that you start incorporating short videos in your long-term content creation plan. While you would have to do quite a bit to convince someone to read a blog or watch a full-length video, you practically don't have to do anything to convince them to watch a short one. This lack of commitment is another key reason why short videos are so alluring.

Live streams

Live streams achieve things that standard video content simply doesn't. It instills in your viewers FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). What FOMO aims at is that if your viewers think that your content might interest them, they will have to tune it. Because your live streams are, well, live, the viewer cannot simply say "Oh, I'll watch it later." By doing so, they won't have the same experience as when watching live. After all, there is something to the unfiltered nature of live streams that makes them innately more interesting than standard content. Platforms like Twitch has built themselves up on live streams, and the attention they garner. And even Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have a special way of notifying their users when someone they follow is hosting a live stream (or if they have scheduled to do so).

A couple filming a live video.
Most social media promoters use live feeds on a regular basis.

Furthermore, live streams give you an easy way to connect with your audience. One of the main points of a live stream is that you enable your users to comment on it. By responding to their comments you will bring a sense of conversation and connection with your viewers. A good live stream can do a lot when it comes to customer loyalty, customer engagement, and brand promotion. So, don't shy away from hosting one in the coming months as a way to freshen up your online presence.

Behind-the-scene content

Almost all of us have an innate curiosity about how things are run and built. Especially if they are related to brands we recognize. We like to see how burgers are made at Mc Donalds. And we want to see how movies are made in Hollywood. We like to see how Google organizes its staff meetings. And how fashion companies prepare their models for the walkway. So, why not use this innate curiosity as a way to promote your content?

A fashion desinger filming a video, showing one of the possible content formats to promote springsummer season of 2023.
We all like seeing skilled professionals do their job.

This train of thought is precisely what brands do when they create "behind-the-scene content". As the name suggests, this content represents the preparation, research, and work that goes into running your brand. Of course, this doesn't mean that you simply take your phone and start recording workers in your company (all thought even though this can be effective). What it means is that you carefully document the working process and provide your viewers with a concise explanation of what you do. When done properly, these videos(or blogs) and interesting, informative, and easy to follow. As such, they can serve to bring your company closer to your viewers and help them appreciate your brand that much more.

Prioritizing values

While providing informative or technical data regarding your brand is a good idea, it doesn't have to be your sole subject. Yes, your customers would like to know what you have to offer, what your prices are, and whether you have any recommendations. But, it can be easy to forget that customers also like to be aware of the corporate values that the company has.

With this in mind, one of the content formats to promote the spring/summer season of 2023 can be to prioritize these values. In your content, you can outline what social causes your support, what corporate standards you maintain, and where you believe your industry can be improved upon. Such content is important as a part of overall brand storytelling and marketing. Keep in mind tho those large companies can often overblow this value promotion. To such a degree that their content marketing becomes cynical and faceless. To avoid this from happening, you need to stay away from common jargon, and honestly phrase what you feel are important values that you uphold.

Interactive content

Lastly, you should keep in mind that modern customers tend to value interactive content. If you want your content to improve conversion rates, you absolutely need to incorporate interactive elements. The more you can convince customers to interact with your content, the more likely it is that they will do business with your brand. This interaction can be anything from visiting your website to imputing their opinion of information. Just the fact that they are interacting with your content will help set your brand apart from your competitors.

Final thoughts

As we've hinted at the beginning of the article, not all types of content are suitable for every brand. Depending on what your brand is about and how you've structured your content marketing so far, you will need to rely on different types of content for your online presence. But, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't experiment. In fact, we would encourage you to try different content formats and see which ones spark the most interest. With some A/B testing, you'll easily find what suits you. Just remember to keep your brand in mind and that you connect it to the content you create.

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