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How to Create a Great Brand Experience And Improve an Average One

Brand experience, in its essence, is how your company is perceived in the eyes of the public. If you want to read about it in greater detail, feel free to hop onto our blog section and check out all other fun stuff we regularly write about.

March 29, 2022

Brand experience, in its essence, is how your company is perceived in the eyes of the public. If you want to read about it in greater detail, feel free to hop onto our blog section and check out all other fun stuff we regularly write about.

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Still, in today’s competitive market, simply knowing what brand experience is -won’t differentiate you from the rest of the retailers, publishers, and other kinds of internet entrepreneurs. If you want your business prospects to live long and prosper you need all the magic web stories can provide.

When you know that everything your company does is basically, a part of your brand experience, it’s quite a challenge to tackle, right? Where do you start the “experience revolution”? Where does it end? The pressure is on!

Where Does Storifyme Come In, Exactly?

Well, your favorite team of dedicated storytellers is here to guide you through all mysterious corners of SEO and marketing strategies, innovations, and approaches. Mainly, we’re here to offer an innovative and cost-efficient way to improve your brand experience through web stories.

Our platform gives you an opportunity to create stunning content in a magazine-like, tappable format that Google ranks high on top and users consume quickly and with much joy. Think of us as a visual tool that gives that final oomph to brand experience your customers expect to get from you.

Giving you a helping hand (and a few useful tools) on your way to your perfect story is the favorite part of our job, truly. But, let’s not get sentimental, but practical instead. Read on, and find out how you can bring a new freshness to your brand experience and dazzle your audience in the long run.  

Brand Experiences Begin at Home Aka Start from Within

Don’t they say you should first start loving yourself before you learn how to love others? Well, if you thought that's just an empty self-help mantra, think again. Everything in life starts from within - the love, the positivity, even conviction, and a similar principle holds true for success and full immersion of your brand experience too.

You ought to find ways to make your coworkers or employees fall in love with your company before you even try to entice the audiences. Then you go out into the world with internal support and wind the hearts of potential customers and keep seducing the already existing ones.

Staff members carry the proverbial weight of any given brand on their shoulders, not any storified ad no matter how good it is. Your people have to be aware that their roles are all pieces of a much bigger puzzle, family, and story. Not everybody works directly with clients, but they should be mindful of the fact that every person counts in the overall appearance of your firm.

When your employees feel good within their workplace, if they know they’re heard and looked after, they’ll become the best brand ambassadors you can ask for. In return, your audience will assume (correctly) that they will be treated with the same devotion and care.

Humanisation Through Captivating Storytelling

Humans need connections with other humans. Developing your brand experience gives you a chance to truly humanize the presentation of your business. The more engaging a poignant your product storytelling is, the stronger connection with your audience you’re going to create. Those factors combined lead to more conversions in a charming, non-pushy way and fortify client retention efforts. If you remain solely focused on profits and numbers, without taking actual people into the equation, you’re going to miss valuable chances to tell your story.

Be Consistently Genuine

Keeping your whole operation happy and humanizing your approach will go a long way, but if you don’t strive to be consistent across all channels of communication. Your product design, brand image, web site, app, and storified microstore should all have similar color schemes, typography, and layout.

Make sure that you’re using similar if not the same voice and tone from social media posts to customer support email responses. Being predictable isn’t a bad thing, people are creatures of habit. Matching look, feel, and disposition on all platforms will give your enterprise a harmonious & reliable appearance that will enhance the user experience.

That being said, consistency thrives on honesty and genuineness. Even if you have the latest technology at your disposal and the freshest data to rely on, faking something consistently and convincingly is extremely hard if not downright impossible. Relationships with your clients won’t be successful for long periods if you’re not putting your best foot forward in the name of exquisite brand experience.

Find ways to be honest, while remaining professional and efficient and speaking to every customer on a personal level, if at all possible. Keep in mind that unique and engaging experiences bring the customers in.

And remember - Every good seller needs a good story! StorifyMe is an ideal storytelling tool for your Shopify store. Try elevating your visual content strategy ➡️

Engagement Is the Name of the Game

Future behavior is motivated by past experience. Participation in some kind of brand-related activities and experiences makes potential customers more inclined to purchase something. Motivated by that, do your best to plant the thought of your company and/or product in your audience’s mind (in a positive light, of course). Don’t let them forget that you exist! Think catchphrases, recognizable logos, fun hashtags, effective campaigns, and competitions, etc. Take every chance for the engagement you get!

Share amusing memes, use your next storified article to bring awareness to important issues, and observe how your audience reacts. You’ll have an easy time creating engaging content and tracking your audience’s interest through the StorifyMe platform. If you want to know more about how it all works, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Remember: investments in relationships, experiences, and engagement always pay off.

Advance in Any Way You Can!

Audiences are evolving, so naturally, companies have to catch up, too. And by that, we don’t mean implementing voice and face recognition software, virtual wallets, smart holograms, 3D, and interactive printers where they don’t make sense. Something small, like the creation of a fun and fresh storified landing page with your personal touch, can be a smart and cost-effective way to go!

If you want to be more than just a simple transaction in their mind, the job of fine-tuning your brand experience will never be actually done. Go above and beyond to demonstrate that you’re doing your best and that you’ll continue doing so, and you’re off to a wonderful start.

And keep in mind - A good story is the most important thing you can sell! So, build your brand empire with Storify me, now ➡️

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