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How we got 3x more organic traffic visitors in just 3 months

Did you know that SEO and content strategies can boost your organic traffic quickly? Contrary to popular belief, SEO can help you increase your website tra...

March 29, 2022

Did you know that SEO and content strategies can boost your organic traffic quickly?

Contrary to popular belief, SEO can help you increase your website traffic manyfold.

In this case study, we’re going to share how we managed to do that using a few easy-to-implement strategies.

And, if you follow our strategies, you can do it too.

Starting with proven content strategies

To start with, we made long-form content our best friend. All of those case studies that you’ve probably read about long-form content performing better for SEO — they’re all suggesting the same.

We started posting more long-form content on StorifyMe blog.

Another strategy that we implemented to grow organic traffic was to increase the frequency of posting content. While the quality of your content matters the most, your posting frequency also plays an important role when it comes to SEO. The more frequently you post new content, the more often search engine crawlers will crawl your website.

And that’s not all.

We also used link building, content syndication, and technical SEO tactics.

You’re probably aware of the popular ways to earn backlinks, such as guest posting. Many SEO experts have been using this tactic for years to earn links to their sites.

The second thing that I started focusing on more was answering questions and giving interviews.

It’s not enough to create good content and expect people to just visit your website. You need to promote your content and distribute it in the right places to drive organic traffic to your site.

Well, this is not what you expected, right? And to use all of these tactics costs a lot of time and energy without being sure that it will bring results.

So, we decided to do an experiment to see if creating just one piece of mobile content can make a massive change.

We started creating web stories

To be able to create web story that will rank in SERP, we followed just few simple rules:

1. Keyword research

Proper keyword usage and other technical SEO aspects play an important role in determining your search results rankings. That was the main starting point we choose we created our first web story “NY city guide for 2021”.
We used the keyword just for the headline. In fact, keyword stuffing might actually do more harm than good because the search engines might consider such content to be of low-quality or spammy. Search engine crawlers are smart enough to easily detect keyword stuffing, owing to the numerous search algorithm updates.

2. Interesting and valuable content

Not optimizing meta description, headlines, and doing backlink building. Just creating something useful and fun that can easily be consumed on mobile.

Maintained Google Web Stories best practices

It’s just some technical aspects we followed to ensure our content is meeting their requirements. And it was super easy and natural to do within the StorifyMe editor.

Used customized SEO description and tags

Custom descriptions should be catchy. This helps engaging users, and it encourages them to click on your content in Google search results.
This was also done inside the StorifyMe editor.

Short content, big results

As a result of creating just one web story, it now ranks on the first page of Google for many money keywords that are really difficult to compete on.

It gained almost 160k impressions and 6428 views. Wow!

This was a major contributing factor in the increase in organic search traffic to StorifyMe website.

We were improving search results rankings improvement for other targeted keywords.

Search rankings for some keywords improved by as much as 20+ positions, and our content started ranking on the first page of Google search results. This helped us increase overall organic search traffic too.

You can also use the same tactic discussed here to boost your organic website traffic with just one piece of content - web story.


Driving organic traffic to your website isn’t easy and can often take a lot of time and effort. However, if you create a solid SEO strategy and implement proven tactics, it can help you boost your website traffic.

In this case study, I’ve shared with you a single tactic that helped us increase my organic traffic by 3X in just three months.

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