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Storified Guide: Why Video Storytelling Is the Best!

Jana Filipovic
minutes long

Before you dive into this storified blog post, there’s one thing you ought to know = here at storifyme, we’re very passionate about all kinds of web stories (just in case our name wasn’t a dead giveaway). There are plenty of reasons for our infatuation with all-things-narrative which we’re continuously exploring but for the sake of complete transparency, we have to admit: video storytelling, by far, is our favorite.

Yeah, all media formats deserve their fair share of attention and adoration but *if* we have to pick just one favourite, and a single way to spread our message - video storytelling would win by a long shot.

There are reasons behind the storified madness. Read on and see for yourself.

Why Is Video Storytelling So Important?

There are plenty of reasons why. For starters, product storytelling done this way is simply so much more effective than any other format. From instructional how-to videos to reviews and general promotional stuff, you can use videos for anything and everything.

Besides, there’s something about the combination of visuals and sounds that “hits the spot” more precisely than a mere text or a bare image ever could. Videos are engaging, they evoke emotions and are relatable more than any other medium. And when it comes to information retention, science agrees too: nothing can beat the interplay between captivating facts and stimulating visuals.

Good Visuals Make Awful Sale-Pitches Unnecessary

People prefer videos to any other kind of media. An engaging and touching narrative can do wonders for your brand and product, and ultimately it will definitely make an impact on the success of your sales. This kind of storified ad gets people’s attention and motivates them to visit your microstore or website, without emphasizing the “buy me, buy me” aspect of marketing, which customers, young and old, around the globe hate.

Creating video content that’s interesting, enjoyable, and memorable is a sure way to customers’ hearts, and that’s much more valuable than any sales pitch! Especially if you throw in humor or a heartwarming anecdote where appropriate.

Don’t get us wrong, you shouldn’t forget about your CTAs. At the end of the day, you’re likely using your video as a part of your marketing strategy, but if you don’t want to scare people away, keep those “hard-sell” out of the spotlight. Lead with heart instead!

“A Spoon Full of Story Helps the Info Go Down”

Since the dawn of time, people have used tales to convey, teach, and share basic truths of life. When a little nugget of wisdom or a fact is neatly packaged into a captivating narrative, it’s easier to digest and consume.

Think about the stories you heard as a little child. You may not remember every detail of it, but you do remember the way they made you which is for our sakes and purposes, much more important. Good stories stay with you through your childhood to adulthood and shape the way we see and approach the world around you. They disguise complicated ideas into an interesting and easy to understand format.

You don’t have to make somebody cry or laugh with joy, you simply have to make an impact, be memorable, and be strategic about it. If you want people to act, you have to make sure they remember you and your core message first.

Relationships and Trust Make the World Go Round

Not money, even at a first glance may seem so. Before money enters the equation, you have to build trust, and one easy and the most effective way of doing that is - storytelling. People are more likely to purchase a product they feel a connection to and trust the brand in question.

Be careful though, there’s no room for fakeness. Your brand and your style must be as authentic as possible. If your stories (no matter in which format they come) don’t feel “real”, you simply won’t have much success, and it will drive people away. When you master the art of realness and show what makes you unique, your numbers will skyrocket.

Where to Start with Visual Storytelling

Use any correct info you have as a starting point, but don’t reduce your story just to listing up all the data you have about the product, the service, or yourself. Figure out a way to weave everything into a narrative that will captivate the masses. Give your story a heartbeat!

The most important thing you have to procure is an interesting plot with a hero amazing yet relatable enough to pull everything off. Get their attention in the first few seconds of your video, don’t assume that they’ll have the patience to wait for “the good part”.  

Then, think of a challenge/conflict which your hero has to overcome, enticing your audience to become invested. In the end, present them with a solution that evokes emotion. Inspire them to connect with your brand, take action, and join the conversation!

It’s Not All Rainbows and Butterflies

(Un)fortunately, there’s no one size fits all strategy here, you have to know your circumstances and adjust your approach accordingly. That holds true not just for your general story arc, but the tone, style, length of the video, and other factors as well, too.

Choose the platform(s) you use for sharing carefully, no social media website is created equal. You have to know when, where, and how to launch your stuff to reap the maximum effect social media can offer. After that, gather all the data that’s at your fingertips, analyze away, and figure out how to do everything a little bit better next time. A storyteller's job is never done!

Storifyme Conclusion:  

Video has it all, sound, visuals, and text if needed, so you’re not doomed or limited to one medium only. You can combine all these into a fantastic end product that will lead your potential customers straight to your storified landing page!

Don’t forget that your main goal is showcasing your product or service, and motivating folks to join the conversation around and with your brand. Putting the sales first will be detrimental to your profit in this case.

Use magic video storytelling to become irresistible in the best way possible!

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