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The perfect place for web stories: StorifyMe + Vajro integration

With a simple connection between StorifyMe stories and Vajro mobile app, you can have unique content that will make customers install your app because of the content exclusivity and also bring people back to your app over and over.

January 23, 2024

At StorifyMe it is our goal to streamline how you approach mobile marketing and make sure you are giving your customers the best experience all the time. We are now taking that one step further with our new integration with Vajro that helps you place stories inside your mobile app.

What is Vajro?

Vajro is a cloud based Mobile Commerce platform which lets e-commerce brands create mobile shopping apps for their stores in a fast and no-code fashion. Their vision is to - make it easy for businesses to create and deliver content for their mobile audience so they can easily  consume that content and perform transactions on their phones on the go.

Learn more about Vajro for Shopify here.

The problem

  • “Not in use”, at 39.9%, is the top reason why users uninstall a mobile app
  • Additionally, 71% of app users churn within the first 90 days of downloading an app

Surveys show that customers expect more from a mobile app than just browsing for product catalogs. Also, the customer experience is not the same compared to a brand’s website.

However, this happens when mobile apps do not focus on customer needs and do not address what they actually want from a mobile app.

Acknowledging the power of stories in social media apps to increase engagement, StorifyMe team has found the solution to help brands to retain their existing customers and to boost engagement inside their native mobile apps.

How stories help with mobile app engagement and sales

Mobile app success starts and ends with the perfect user journey. Without the right understanding of the in-app customer journeys of your target users, no brand will be able to satisfy its customers needs or to exceed their expectations.

On the other side, social media apps over the years successfully manage to keep their users attention for hours because of delivering perfect experiences with engaging formats that are immersive and full of emotions on mobile. For instance, over 500 million of people use Instagram stories every day.

Fun, engaging, exclusive, easy to consume - stories fit in as a perfect solution to any native mobile app problem.

Improve brand image 

Brand is not just about the name, logo and colors. It is an identity that a store develops and comes to be associated by. Brand is about the non-tangible things an app has to offer, including storytelling and emotions to transport your values and uniqueness. And this is something that unconsciously affects the buyer's decision.

Visual storytelling is an unlimited branding field that can be used for sharing values and the mission of your brand, introducing yourself, and the value of your products.


It has been found that an increasing number of people today search for ideas rather than the product itself. For example, ideas for festival makeup, or quick DIY festival hairstyles. In fact, many shoppers look for actual shopping lists or checklists to help them get started to find the right products for their needs. And the frequency of such queries is growing exponentially.

With StorifyMe, any creative thought can easily be transferred into visual storytelling and and can be published within minutes.

Speak mobile-first

Users can see the products in a format that is preferable to them as opposed to visiting a website where they have to browse through a labyrinth of links and pages.

Is there a format more preferable for consuming on mobile than stories?

Provide exclusive content

Offering your customers stories inside your mobile native app that are not available on your website will help you to increase your mobile app’s install rate.

Did you know that brands like FashionNova have stories just inside their mobile app?

Single-click checkout 

Stories supports single-click “Buy Now” and “Add to cart” buttons for checkout. Also “Swipe up” for easier navigation on mobile. These features put your customers at ease during their app usage and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

What can I achieve with StorifyMe & Vajro integration?

With a simple connection between your stories and mobile app, you can create unique content that will make your customers install your app because of exclusive and immersive content which contains the magic of visual storytelling and can be changed and added every day. This means:

  • Increased mobile app install rate
  • Customers spend more time with your brand
  • Improved Customer Retention, Engagement and Brand Loyalty
  • Better conversion in your mobiles sales

How to enable this integration?

For activation of this integration you need to have a paid subscription on StorifyMe and Vajro. If you need to switch your plan, you can do so in your Vajro and StorifyMe account, or contact us for help.

If you are already on an appropriate plan, please read our article on how to connect here.

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