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Top 10 questions about web stories - answered

Not sure what web stories are? How will they impact your SEO? Well, these are the questions about web stories that we're going to answer.

Customer Success Team
January 24, 2024

Even though web stories have been with us for a while, people are still confused about using them. Some wonder about the role web stories play in SEO management. While others worry about whether web stories can be shared on different platforms. Well, we are here to answer the most common questions about web stories, and hopefully, banish some confusion.

Questions about web stories - answered

If you have any further questions about stories, feel free to contact StorifyMe. Our team will gladly answer any and all questions that you have about web stories. Furthermore, we will help you create and embed your first web stories absolutely free. So, if this is your first time coming into contact with web stories, rest assured that you are in safe hands.

What are web stories?

Seeing that web stories are the most modern type of marketing content, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that one of the most common questions about web stories is what they precisely are. Well, simply put, web stories are visually rich pieces of content. What makes them unique is their format, where you have multiple pages presented in a sequence. This sequential presentation helps web stories tell a story, per se. You can, of course, have single-paged web stories, or tell a long story over a multitude of web stories (web carousel).

Ever since web stories became an established type of marketing content, Google took a great interest in them. You can not only find terrific examples of web stories on Google, but also learn which aspects make them interesting, engaging, and effective.

How to add web stories to your website

Adding web stories can either be fairly easy. Through StorifyMe you can create whatever web story you want and export it as a widget. Widgets themselves are fairly easy to embed into an existing website. And the more you experiment with them the more you will learn how to optimize them to fit just right.

Will stories hurt my SEO?

No. In fact, web stories only stand to improve your SEO rating. Ever since Google picked them up, web stories have only experienced an increase in their SEO importance. Today, they stand as one of the easiest ways to boost your SEO. Keep in mind that with standard content you need to fight a fairly robust competition. But, since web stories aren't so widespread, the relative SEO competition is low. So, why struggle to be the best when you can be first?

How web stories and SEO interact is one of the most common questions about web stories we get.

How to replace stories on my website without dev time

Let's say that you managed to embed a story in your website, but you want to change it with a different story. The most straightforward way of doing so is to make use of the widget tag. All widgets that you embed in your website have tags. And by changing the tags, you can change which widgets (in this case web stories) will be visible. Therefore, you don't have to bother with dev time, or with remote storage. Instead, put your web stores on your website, and simply control which ones are featured through your tag.

How to use stories for marketing?

In essence, there is no end to ways in which you can use web stories for marketing. From updating the look of your website to giving your email marketing an extra kick. Web stories are multi-functional marketing content that you can place wherever you deem fit. Ideally, you will first consider your long-term marketing plans and then figure out a way to incorporate web stories into them from the get-go. While they are powerful, web stories shouldn't be the end-all of your marketing. They function best when combined with other types of content.

A person drinking coffee while handling marketing because they know the answers to all the questions about web stories.
Many aspects of modern marketing can be made much easier through the smart use of web stories.

Will stories improve my engagement rate

Yes. All content creators that start using web stories will first notice the increase in engagement rates. By their design, web stories draw people's attention and invite interaction. As such, they do wonders for customer engagement and motivate people to pay attention to your brand. Precisely why web stories are so effective is hard to tell. It is likely due to their bite-sized length, mobile-friendly design and variety of elements. Mind you, web stories do need to be a part of your engagement strategy. Not its entirety. But, you'd be surprised at how a well-crafted web story can draw in an audience.

Can I share my web stories on other channels?

Web stories would hardly be useful for marketing if you couldn't share them on various platforms. All web stories can be presented as links that you can copy/paste wherever you deem fit. You can also add them to your social media posts, emails and, of course, your website.

How can my users reshare my web stories?

You sharing your own stories will only take you so far. To truly gain a decent audience, people need to be able to reshare your stories. That way, if they find your offer interesting, they can notify their friends and family about it. Fortunately, the ability to share stories is made quite easy through StorifyMe. All you need to do is implement the share button. There you can pick which channels are suitable for your story and have your audience share it with them.

 A group of people sharing web stories on mobile devices.
You can have your audience reshare your web stories with a single click.

Can stories really help my business?

This largely depends on the type of business you run, and the quality of web stories that you create. Namely, the more your business relies on online marketing, the more it stands to gain from web stories. They can be tremendously effective in engaging a new audience and convincing the existing one to return to you. But, to make your web stories effective, you need to understand how to create them. Web stories need to be in line with your brand and need to present important information in a bite-sized format. You also need to know which images to use, and how to combine them with written content. Once you take a closer look you will see that there is a lot to learn about web story design. But all the knowledge that you gain with aid your business.

Can you create web stories on your own

Yes. Platforms like StorfiyMe enable you to create beautiful web stories with surprising ease. There are plenty of templates that you can make use of. You can incorporate images, text, videos, audio and interactive elements to your story and make them as engaging as possible. Of course, no matter how powerful a tool is, it cannot substitute the years of learning and experience that professional designers have. So, while you should at least experiment with creating web stories as doing so is free, you should also consider hiring a professional to help you.

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