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The Ultimate Guide on How to Pair Fonts When Creating Web Stories

Jana Filipovic
minutes long

Finding the perfect font pairings isn’t easy.

You have a lot to think about before you start creating a story.

First, you have a brand identity guideline which must be followed properly to maintain consistency of the brand appearance.

Second, you have the concept of your story and tone of communication.

Third, you have visuals.

Combining all these factors can be exhausting if you haven't already used the ready-made templates for your stories.

Or, if you want to start your web story from scratch, pay attention how to use multiple elements and fonts and create an amazing visual grammar.

In order to avoid boring content you can use the StorifyMe designer tips for creating the best web story.

Therefore, here is a quick guide on how to pair fonts within a web story like a pro designer.

1. Setup your branding - this way, you’ll ensure using the right brand elements that will help you to follow the whole creation process without messing your already established brand identity
2. Know at the very beginning what you want to say and which story to tell. As soon as you have a concept in your mind, precisely it will be executed with an editor.

3. Upload photos or browse inside editor rich media stock.

4. Now, it’s time to pick the right font

Keep in mind that story elements such as fonts have a significant impact on perceptions of your audience, so do your best to entertain them during the storytelling process.

To avoid boring content and pale slide visuals, you should mix a few fonts and colours.

The most common font pairs are:

  • Open Sans (semi-bold) and Roboto (condensed)

You can use it when you are a publisher or work in an entertainment industry

  • Playfair Display (regular) and Monserrat (light)

Those two are a perfect combination for publishers and bloggers. If you want to have a bit more text within a story slide, this font pair is recommended

  • PT Sans Narrow and PT Sans

This combination is widely being used for most web sites and looks familiar. If you make a story that has more effective visuals, this combination would be a perfect fit

  • Oswald and Lato

If you are into fashion and elegant but warm aesthetic this combo can be useful for you

  • Nova Mono and Lato

This pair together looks like a pair that has something important to say, an announcement with a special trade mark. It is a perfect fit for awareness campaign when you want to point out the unique values

  • Poppins and PT Serif

This font duo looks great great when you need to advertise a product with a contextual visual, it matches perfectly with the whole picture

  • Bebas Neue and Montserrat Light

This is probably favorite pair for fashion industry and luxury items

  • Allura and Archivo Narrow

Beauty and care? Look no more, this is the right thing to use

  • Archivo Black and Archivo Narrow

The strong combination of those two Archivo fonts are commonly used for for glorifying performances, sports and body efforts

  • Baskerville fonts and Allan

Mostly used for travel stories and guides


Give it a try and don’t be afraid to explore your own pairings.

Oh, and be so kind and if you come out with a stunning font combo, drop us a word and we’ll provide you a spotlight to share your story insights with the whole community :)

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