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Why you should use web stories for your limited-time offers

Why is it so important and how to utilize web stories while having a limited-time offer? Web stories can easily occupy and hold your customers' attention.

Customer Success Team
January 23, 2024

Having in mind how dynamic the internet environment nowadays is, it is no surprise that users have the need to easily and quickly come to terms with new stuff. With this being said, the infamous FMO (Fear of Missing Out) is something that can be very useful when it comes to promoting your limited-time offers. Trends come and go, and people just want to be brought up to speed. Marketers will be responsible for their brand to be the ones to make that happen for their customers. That can be done through web stories, where users can explore your content at their own pace.

Web stories can conveniently increase your sales when it comes to limited-time offers

Even though stories are prevalent on social media platforms, you can use them anywhere and everywhere. People are used to seeing them and engaging with them. And humans are creatures of habit. Moreover, users tend to carry their habits across platforms. That being said, you can incorporate them on your site as well as your mobile app.

Stories gained their popularity not much after them being introduced in 2013. So, through the phenomenon of social epidemics, they popped off. But why is that? Users don’t want to be passive. Complementary to that – stories are very immersive. And, hence the popularity.

Social media platforms were the first ones to utilize the power of the engaging experience that stories hold. But that doesn’t hold you back from doing the same through web or in-app stories. Naturally, stories can increase traffic and consequently sales. By using the StorifyMe editor you can add specific CTAs to your stories, swipe-up buttons, and interactive stickers and elements which will encourage your customers even more. You can redirect them to any landing page or to the cart.

CTA, swipe-up button, and interactive stickers and elements example
The use of interactive elements.

Web stories can reach a wider audience compared to social media

Social media is popular mostly because of its many interesting ways of usage. And that is actually a huge downside – there are many things that can lure your customers’ attention away. You cannot direct their focus to your limited-time offer, which should be the focal point.

Needless to say – such problems should be avoided when the time of your offer is limited. Therefore, web stories are unmatched when it comes to drawing the attention of your potential customers to your product and closing a sale. You can use the StorifyMe editor to create engaging stories for your website. Stories created in the app are compatible with Google. Moreover, you can optimize them directly while editing and publishing. Your stories would be easy to crawl thanks to the sitemap link provided in the app and the stories will be surfaced in relevant users’ Google surfaces.

Limited-time offer web story idea
Spesial offer story idea.

Still, keep in mind that social media is there to help you build a community and maintain connections with your clients. It can be a great channel for your website or your mobile app.

It is good to have in mind that web stories are sharable, which means that consumers might spread the word about your limited-time offer to their friends and family. Finally, combining all media that can funnel your audience to your in-app or web stories can result in great revenue.

Save time while promoting limited-time offers!

By using the StorifyMe editor you can create your limited-time offer dedicated stories and catch a wide audience in a blink of an eye. When the offer is time-bound, the content creation process must be time-saving. In just a few minutes, you can create visually stunning stories for your website or mobile app.

With StorifyMe it has never been easier to create an eye-catching web or in-app story. While promoting limited-time offers, this is a way to save time and resources without sacrificing results. This is a fast and efficient process that ensures that you can focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy, rather than spending hours creating traditional ads.

Story formats bring the unique experience to your customers

Web stories give us the ability to bring exclusive products and offers to our clients, and to make them feel a little bit more special. Audiences can be precisely targeted, even to a single person. Such can be accomplished via personalizing stories by importing your audience into the StorifyMe app. Alongside this, you can target your audiences on different platforms that you can integrate with your StorifyMe account.

Personalising web stories
Use dynamic atributes for the purpose of personalization.

This will draw the attention of your customers and encourage them to interact more with the media on your platform, which will better their experience. And what does your brand get out of that? Alongside the satisfied customers come their increased engagement and hence the increased purchase of your products.

The average internet user is used to the limited time and expiring of stories on social media. For example, an Instagram story lasts up to 15 seconds. Although that is not the case with web stories, the sense of urgency isn’t easy to shake off.

To evoke that sense of exclusivity with your customers you will want to point out the story about your limited-time offer. To do so you can use StorifyMe Featured Stories for your website or mobile app.

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