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SPIEGEL ONLINE is the leading news site on the German-speaking Internet: fast, up-to-date, precise, and in-depth. The editorial team delivers news, analysis, interviews, comments, videos, and photos around the clock.

After Der Spiegel published the article about their experiences with StorifyMe, we were thrilled with their initiative. There’s nothing left except to translate it and share a summarized article in this post to showcase what they have achieved with StorifyMe. 

Der Spiegel integrated Stories into their platform in July 2022 and started to achieve incredible results.

“…The Stories bar generates new subscriptions and attracts an above-average number of logged-in users/subscribers who have obviously discovered us as a premium showcase for using their Plus offer - to be honest, we didn't see that coming in the conception. A nice surprise. Our video formats such as "Hinter der Recherche" also allow SPIEGEL stories to shine on platforms such as Instagram and also explain the value of our journalism to a younger, less SPIEGEL-savvy audience. “

Angela Gruber
Head of Department for Social Media & Reader Dialogue @ Der Spiegel


Der Spiegel team started with the project in order to retell and present Spiegel digitally with an interactive format optimized for smartphone screens. Their primary goal was to attract new, younger readers.


According to the Der Spiegel team, the main goal was to present and reach new audiences by spotlighting the Der Spiegel news in Story format. Der Spiegel team identifies story format as the main medium for engaging with younger readers and converting them into new subscribers.

So, let's start from the early beginning.

Stories for mobile application and website for better user experience 

According to Der Spiegel, they used stories to present and highlight Der Spiegel activities to their readers. They use stories to publish news in a new and engaging format built for the mobile world that people love on their homepage and mobile app. 

This has lead to:

Generating more subscriptions via StorifyMe Stories

The success of stories on their website and mobile app is measurable through retention and sessions readers had. Stories in a story bar generate 21% of new subscriptions per month, compared to the month before when the number of new subscriptions was 7%. 

Last year, stories on their Plus Offering which were created and implemented using StorifyMe have generated around 3,000 new subscribers.

Increase sessions and page views 

It was expected to record a greater number of visits and sessions on mobile apps and websites. They have most visits on weekends, but there are visits on weekdays as well. Stories on their platforms drive huge traffic constantly and achieve around 170k page views per day. 


Der Spiegel's team indicates the importance of getting closer to readers under 30 years old and implementing StorifyMe Mobile-Native Formats as a strategy for attracting and engaging with younger readers.

*The autor of this article isn't a native German speaker, so there may be some misunderstandings in translation.

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