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"there was an uptick of 17% in Debit Card activations after we implemented the "How To Activate Your Card" story"

Fi Money
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Fi Money

Fi Money is a financial hub for Indian working professionals — designed to simplify their finances. Millions of users opened a zero-balance savings bank account in 3 minutes via the Fi Money app. The app provides a reward-heavy credit card and forex-free international debit card offered via its banking partner, Federal Bank. With its many features, Fi also helps users know and track their money, invest intelligently, and save easily - making money management more effortless than ever before.

"Answers to everyday money questions shouldn't be hard to find: this is what we wanted to solve for. We also wanted self-discoverable quick solutions that users would engage with and consume — whether it's activating a debit card, ordering a chequebook, resetting a PIN and so on. StorifyMe has helped set up interactive stories where users could learn as they go, without needing external support or going through a maze of information."

Prateek G.
Product Manager


The team at Fi Money wanted to proactively solve for better Customer Support by offering solutions to customers first-hand and on time without having lined up support tickets. The team was looking for a solution that lets users find answers to their queries via interactive content formats that are easy to understand. Secondly, because it is a money management app, it was important for the team to pass on financial tips and know-how to its users in a digestible, tidbit format without making it sound boring — which financial info always is.


The StorifyMe integration was seamless and reduced not just incoming customer tickets but also educating users on features within the app that users could discover themselves. Cumulatively, these stories had over 2 Million impressions, significantly impacting various in-app metrics. For instance, there was an uptick of 17% in Debit Card activations after we implemented the "How To Activate Your Card" story.

Apart from this, our in-house design and engineering teams found it a flexible solution that integrated with our design system seamlessly. Currently, we use content powered by StorifyMe across various verticals within the Fi app including 'Crash Courses' on the Fi Money site. We will use such stories to plug potential knowledge gaps and encourage users to engage with our features.

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