In app stories

Onboard & Retain your users with in-app stories

Visualize your message with easy to create stunning stories

Onboard & Retain Your Users

With StorifyMe you can enjoy unlimited use cases a story format brings - from user onboarding and featuring products to cart visualization and cart abandonment stories.
Personalized & Relevant

Welcome your users with personalized and relevant content. Show only the content that matters to your user segments and establish a trusted relationship from day one.

Interactive & Engaging

Build anticipation, engage or ask for feedback; collect product ratings or testimonials, all while keeping your customers excited and ready to participate.

Purchase Ready

Shorten the customer journey by allowing your users to buy directly from stories! Tag your products within stories or allow add-to-cart - the choice is yours.

Add Stories to Your App

Having in-app stories like luxury brands doesn't have to be a hassle anymore. StorifyMe allows easy integration with your app. Get ready to publish your first story within 2 hours.
Widget Customization

Start adding stories to your app with simple to add widgets. Customize how your storyplayer will show in your app - from fonts and colors to shapes and types.

Unlimited Changes, 0 Additional Code

Unlimited changes to stories within your app, without having to take time from your developers. Publish/unpublish stories, make changes to the stories or simply add more - full control, 0 code.

Landing Pages for Your marketing campaigns

Share your stories with your users, on your social channels or as a part of your marketing campaigns. Use your in-app stories or create stories dedicated to your marketing campaigns.

Analytics that tells a story

No point in doing the work without being able to look at the results, right? That’s why our Analytics gives an overview of all stories, engaging elements and to analyze customer feedback.
Analyze Data

Analyze behavior within each story or engaging element and get to know more about what your users like seeing and how they respond to your questions, product announcements or how they rate your products.

Multilayered filters

Get a better overview of all stories or a particular story data by including GEO, device or date filters. Get to know your user segments by determining how each segment feels and responds to your engaging elements, by GEO, date and device.

A/B Testing

What better way to get to the right message then by testing and analyzing the data? Create similar stories and test them against your users, gather the data and find the winning match.

Order a coffee & add stories to your app while waiting

Start showing engaging stories by adding just a few lines of code

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

let settings = StorifyMeSettings(accountId: ACCOUNT_ID, accessToken: ACCESS_TOKEN, usetWidgetId: WIDGET_ID)
let storiesView = InitializeStoryView.createStoryView(parentView:self.view, settings: settings)

StorifyMe.init(context = this, apiKey = ACCESS_TOKEN, accountId = ACCOUNT_ID)
val storiesView = findViewById<StoriesView?>( { this.widgetId = WIDGET_ID  }

Features you’ll love

We’re not offering a story creation tool, we’re offering a solution that’ll transform your business.

Add products to cart directly from stories

Dynamic Story Flow

Show the relevant story to each segment

GEO targeted stories

Same story, served in a relevant language 

Product Tagging

Tag multiple products within a single story

Rich Media Friendly

Combine photos, videos, gifs and emojis


Get closer to your users with personalized stories

Create your first story within a minute!

AI-powered assistant will do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best - engaging with your audience.

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