Landing pages

Optimize Your Conversion Rates

Create Dynamic Landing Pages in Story Format

Right Message for the Right Audience

Create dynamic and even personalized landing pages and ensure serving the right message for each of your audiences.
Landing Page for each of your campaigns

Waiting on your development team to free their schedule stays in the past. With StorifyMe you and your team can create numerous landing pages in a story format.

One message, multiple flows

Instead of building one long landing page, create snackable story-format landing pages, emphasizing each of your USPs and building up your audience’s interest.

Engage & Convert Your Visitors

Add engaging, interactive elements to your page and warm up your audience before converting them into your buyers.

Unlimited Use Cases, Countless Distribution Methods

From manuals and how-to's, to onboarding tutorials and high converting landing pages - distributed on ALL of your online channels
Embed on a website or inside of your app

With a single line of code, you can feature your products, announcements or manuals on your website; create story-like pages that are easy to track, edit and improve!

Marketing campaigns or Social media

Traditionally, you can choose to share your dynamic landing pages with your audience via link - use it in your ads, your marketing communication campaigns or on your social media.

QR code or NFC

Share your page via QR code or NFC and build up a full circle around your traditional and digital marketing with stunning, easy to create & edit landing stories!

Track, Analyze, Retarget

Track the audience behavior in your stories, analyze the engagement and retarget your peers with the relevant message
Powerful analytics

Learn how your audience behaves on your landing stories: what are they interested in, how they react to your engaging elements & improve your conversion rates on the spot.

Analyze the Data

Take a look at the reports, analyze your data and build A/B tests . Working on conversion rate optimization has never been easier, and now it's also incredibly fun!

Retargeting ready

Integrate your StorifyMe account with your Facebook pixel, and build powerful retargeting campaigns. Create impactful campaigns and serve them to the right audience.

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Features you might be interested in

No matter how sweet the cookie is, the cherry on top is always the best part. We didn’t want to build only an amazing story editor, our wish was to create a real deal for our customers to enjoy.
GDPR Compliant

We take protection & sharing of your data very seriously.

Full control while sharing

Choose how and will your story be distributed and reshared by your audience.

Product Tagging

Tag Your products in your stories and enable click-to-buy feature.

Preview Stories on any device

Preview how your story looks on different devices.

1-Click Buy

Have your audience buy directly from your landing page

Engaging Elements

Warm up your audience before converting them into your customers

Create your first story within a minute!

AI-powered assistant will do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best - engaging with your audience.

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