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Starting new experience has never been easier

First step tends to be the hardest. But, with StorifyMe that is not the case! Our team has made sure that story creation is easy from beginning to end.

Hundreds of Templates

We prepared hundreds of templates that were tested and approved by others. Filter templates by use cases  and pick the one you like the most. 

Travel the world
Jone Doe | 23. Sep 2022
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Private Templates For your Team

Save your stories as templates and share them only with your team. Ensure everyone in your team is using the same templates to reproduce different experiences. 

Import Your Brand Custom Fonts & Colors

StorifyMe will analyze your branding, import your logo and your fonts, all while making sure that you keep consistent with your branding throughout all stories. 

Brand Assets

Your brand is arguably the most important aspect of your company. Use all of your branding assets, while cutting down the time consuming process of having to upload them all. 
Upload Your Company Assets

Stop wasting time on trying to find a photo similar to the one you like. Upload any visual asset you like and use it in your stories. 

3rd party - Unsplash, Pexels, Giphy

Find the visual asset you’d like to see in your stories on Unsplash, Pexels or Giphy. Test different visuals for different audiences.

Bring your own custom asset management

If your team is used to some other visual content depository, reach out to our team and ask for custom integrations.  

Customize Your Stories

Stand out from the crowd by customizing any (or every) element in your stories. Our story editor was purposefully built to encourage customization and is powerful enough to let you create whatever you envision.  
Drag & Drop

Whether you are using templates or building a story from scratch, you have the power to drag and drop any element, anywhere you see fit. Complete control at your fingerprints.

Customize elements

Use any font, resize it, or paint it in any color you wish. We made sure that with our story creator you can style all of your story elements however you want. 

Animate your stories

Animate any element in your story and create a more realistic experience. Play with different animations and create a truly enjoyable experience. 

Cherry on Top

No matter how sweet the cookie is, the cherry on top is always the best part. We didn’t want to build only an amazing story editor, our wish was to create a real deal for our customers to enjoy.
Engaging elements

Connect with your audience through our engaging elements. Ask for a review, create a poll, add a product tag, price or CTA button. Collect leads or add a countdown. 

Subtitle editor

Edit existing subtitles or start afresh with new ones, make your subtitles easier to follow and overall more enjoyable, directly from our editor!

All Google Fonts

Why change the font you’re already using? You can use your favorite Google font or find the one that looks amazing in your stories. 

Shapes & Emojis

Add any shape or emoji to make your story more interesting or to follow the style you’re using on Social Media. 

Auto Advance Your Stories

Create an experience your audience has grown used to through Social Media: have your stories auto advance to the next instead of waiting for them to click on the next one. 

Custom story flows

With our custom story flow feature, your audience will be redirected to a specific story, based on their engagement with the previous one.

Video & Image Crop

Video too long or Image too wide? Crop your videos and images until you’re fully satisfied how they look in a story. All in a simple few clicks.  

Personalization & Dynamic Tagging

Everyone is used to receiving personalized emails, but no one expects a company to create a tailor-made web story for them.

Preview Stories on any device

Preview how your story looks on different devices. If everything looks fine it’s time to publish your first web story! 

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