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Boost your SEO with Google Web Stories. Create unique experiences for your website visitors with Web Stories or leverage stories in your marketing campaigns.

Web / In-App Stories

Engage your audience with delightful & engaging websites/in- app stories. Embed story widgets with a single line of code and change stories easily - with no additional code.

Google Web Stories

Get more organic traffic and have your stories at the top of Google search results with Google Web Stories. Increase your SEO score and engage your audience.

Online campaigns

Increase your conversion rates by using stories as a part of your marketing campaigns! Use stories in your SMS & Email campaigns, as landing pages or paid ads!


Don’t settle for online channels - connect the offline & online worlds and get the best out of the two! Have your QR attached to each product, advertise it on billboards or in newspapers and catapult your audience from offline monotony to a story experience everyone enjoys.
Share more details about the product

Intrigue your customers with a short backstory of a product they’re interested in : from how & where it was made and materials used, to a how-to guide for product care. 

Welcome Packs

Tell your customers about what your brand stands for, offer them welcome coupon codes or loyalty benefits, share similar products and ask them to subscribe to your emails.


Share your stories as gifs or videos on your social channels, use stories for retargeting and ask your customers to share stories with their friends.
Create once, share everywhere

Share your stories via link, everywhere. Embed your stories anywhere or enable story sharing and let your audience share it with their peers! One story, unlimited channels.

Social Media campaigns

Stop with the formats your audience is expecting and promote your brand with an experience everyone enjoys!


Once you engage your audience with your stories, retarget them with the same or similar story through Facebook or Pinterest pixel.

Additional Features

Have a full control over how your stories are distributed. Create & distribute with a peace of mind.
CDN support

Leverage our global content delivery network spanning across 84 cities in 42 countries. Your stories can now be delivered & loaded instantly.

Full control while sharing

Say NO to limitations of stories that last for only 24 hours and enjoy the benefits of visual stories that can stay online for as long as you like.

Custom domain

Share your stories on your own domain and bring your prospects closer to your brand within the first view.


Have your customers use their phones and enjoy a landing page story, on spot, with a single tap.Create a customer experience worthy of your brand.

Story scheduling

Enable and disable stories in advance with our scheduling tool. There is no need to be online all the time. You just set the time and date and our CMS will take care of the rest.

Gated Content with SSO

There are stories that should remain within the company, that only your employees should see. Our team made sure that with the SSO, gated content is no longer impossible.

Control the first impression

Think of a good featured image that will be showing with the preview link for each of your stories.


Have full control over where your content is being displayed. We offer our premium users the possibility to host their own stories.

Export Your Stories

Export your stories as HTML, images or videos. Connect via Webhooks with your CMS and much more. P

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