Track & Analyze.
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With our powerful analytics you can analyze over billion events on every story you publish.

Track everything

Make sure that your stories have proper tracking, no matter the traffic they get. With our powerful analytics you can track all the nitty gritty details - behavior in stories, engagement rates for specific elements and much more!

Tracking behavior in Stories

Track user behavior in stories to understand your customers better. Track everything from story views, time on each story, average story depth and average number of stories per user.

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Track engaging elements

Data collected through engaging elements can tell you more about your customers : from NPS and ratings for your products and/or services to measuring conversion rates in each story. 

Scale with a peace of mind

Have over a billion events in your stories without having to worry about anything. We made sure that all of our clients can easily scale their traffic.


Having data means nothing if you don’t analyze it properly and act on the findings. With StoifyMe you can dig deep into any step of the customer journey. You can see how all of your stories are performing or focus on behavior around interactive elements.
High level overview

Check how all of your stories are performing, with all the high level metrics you want to analyze. Everything you need to know, summarized in an easy to view report.

Get into Details

Dig deeper into data and analyze the behavior of any unique user, their behavior, user flow and their engagement on your interactive elements - in each story, on each engaging element.

Compare & A/B test

A/B test stories, custom story flows or engaging elements and provide your customers with a more satisfying experience. Compare a story or a story flow until you decide on the one that converts best.

Our Analytics Loves Other Analytics

Share or store your data anywhere. With StorifyMe you can leverage our pre-built integrations, ask us for custom integrations or you can have your data sent to your warehouses.
Prebuilt integrations

Connect your story analytics to the analytics you use. Our pre built integrations include Google Analytics, HotJar, Facebook pixel, Pinterest pixel and Adobe Analytics, 

Custom integrations

We understand how important it is to have all of your data in one place. Our team is ready to create a custom integration to any analytics tool you’re currently using, as long as it’s possible.

Store your data

We also understand how important it is to store your own data. If you would prefer storing it in your own warehouse, reach out to our team and we can send data to your servers.

Additional Features

Additional features built for your success.

You can export all of your data or send it to your servers. That way you can easily process it further and find all the weak points of your user flow.


Automatically integrate with your own analytics via our powerful API and have everything in one place.

Custom integrations

If we don’t have integration with the analytics tool you’re using - reach out and we will create a custom integration for your team. 

Data by specific time frame

Some dates are more important than others. With our analytics you can filter your data by specific time frame or a specific date. 

Data by Device

Analyze only the traffic coming from a specific device and have a better understanding of a more granular data

Rich Filtering

Segment your data by specific campaign, stories or engaging elements and filter it by devices and much more!

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