Rich analytics

Measure what
really matters

StorifyMe analytics helps you understand how customers interact with your content in order to help you achieve better results.

Quick Analytics

Know what is happening with your stories, any time, all the time. Have all important metrics readily available in our visual stories analytics, already integrated and connected giving you analytics from the first story view.

Deep Story

Understand how are your customers consuming your visual stories and find opportunities to improve customer experience further.

See analytics for every slide of the story, and optimize them in order to make sure loyalty and retention are maximized. Make your visual story a perfect funnel.

Engaging Elements Analytics

Ask questions, let people vote, give you feedback, and write to you. Listen to your customers with easy to use and highly engaging elements we built for you. And after customers give their feedback, learn everything about, see every answer, and get all insights you need.

3rd Party Analytics Integrations

Bring story insights to any analytics provider you are already using, with a simple configuration, using one of many integrations StorifyMe has already built for you.

Create your first story

Create your first story

Interact with your customers the way it should be done

Delight and engage with your customers in a way they are used to. Gather all valuable insights in our intuitive dashboard. Start today for free.

Create your first story