Media Asset Management

Media Asset Management Worthy of Your Brand

Have full control over who has access to each of your assets & how your media asset will look like.

Gather your Assets

Upload, store & organize everything you need to create a great looking story. Find the best matching media assets on Unsplash, Pexels, Giphy or bring your own custom assets from other 3rd party visual content depositories.

Upload Your Company Assets

Upload any visual asset your team prepared and use it in your stories, with a single click.

3rd party - Unsplash, Pexels, Giphy

Find the visual asset you’d like to see in your stories on Unsplash, Pexels or Giphy.

Bring your own custom asset management

Are you used to some other 3rd party visual content depository? Reach out to our team and ask for custom integrations.

Same Media Assets, Unique Stories

Create different stories from the same assets by customizing your assets for each story. Resize your assets, use it as background, crop, change overlay, animate and more.
Automatic Resize

Drag and drop any media asset you’d like to use as a background and our editor will automatically resize it to fit the story.

Smart customization

Resize any media asset, crop it or add as many assets you’d like, in a single story. Change overlay for each asset and create a custom story made of the same assets.

Animate your media assets

Why boring content when you can make it look fun? Choose between numerous animations and define how your assets will show in each story.

Rich Media Assets, Extra Layer of Security

With StorifyMe you can pick anything from photos, videos, gifs or text, combine it all, or mix and match as you please, all while keeping close attention to how your team is using your assets.
Rich Media Library

Mix videos, photos, gifs or text in your stories, choose which asset you’ll animate or animate the whole story.

Role Based Access Control

Choose who in your team will have access to which of your media assets & ensure that all teams are using only the pre-approved assets for your stories.

Lock Asset Management

Have full control over what assets cannot be used and enable usage only of the assets that follow your branding guide.

Features to make your workaholic heart smile

No matter how sweet the cookie is, the cherry on top is always the best part. We didn’t want to build only an amazing story editor, our wish was to create a real deal for our customers to enjoy.
Asset Library

All of your assets now in one place - at StorifyMe Asset Library.

Video & Image Crop

Crop your videos and images until you’re fully satisfied how they look in a story.

Product Security

Rest peacefully knowing that your media assets are in the safe hands.

Dynamic Asset Management

Create story versions with different assets based on your segments and we will make sure the right person gets the right message.


Make authentication secure and simple, knowing that your assets are in good hands.

Audit Logs

Track any change made by anyone in your team and know exactly how your assets are being used.

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