Latest Update

Auto-generated Stories & Shorts

July 1, 2024

The latest update introduces three exciting new features, eight significant improvements, and two crucial bug fixes. These enhancements are designed to improve productivity, expand functionality, and optimize performance for a smoother user experience.  

Auto-generate Stories from RSS Feed  

Now, StorifyMe Assistant can automatically generate Stories and Shorts from your RSS feeds, matching them with appropriate Stories and Shorts templates. This feature streamlines content creation, saving you time and boosting productivity.  

StorifyMe and RSS Feed integration allows users generate stories automatically
Connect the RSS feed with StorifyMe and start generating Stories and Shorts automatically.

Curious how you can enable automatic generation of Stories and Shorts for your account? Ping us -

Product Catalogs Released from Beta  

Product Catalogs are now fully integrated into the StorifyMe Editor, making it easier to sell directly from Stories and Shorts. This new feature simplifies the showcasing process of selling products within your content.  

100+ Languages for Auto-Transcription  

We have expanded our auto-transcription capabilities to support over 100 languages, ensuring accessibility for users from diverse regions and linguistic backgrounds.

🌟 Improvements  

Widget Optimization  

More than 10 improvements have been made to widget performance, including a 3x faster loading time for stories in widgets. Moreover, we enhanced pagination, reduced timeout for story clicks, and improved export with better analytics IDs.  

Make Web Stories SDKs personalized

Create personalized web stories by setting dynamic data for widget local, without sending any sensitive user data to our servers. From now on, we provider safer options and greater control over user privacy.

Multidomain SSO for the Same Account  

This improvement ensures full control and enhanced security and privacy when using the StorifyMe platform across multiple domains with the same account.  

Improved Control for Story Events

With the latest release, we added two new events:  

  • onCommand Event that helps signal the right time for audience engagement, allowing better tracking and monitoring of user behavior.
  • onShopping Event that enhances the shopping cart and product integration process, providing more control over user behavior and flexibility for planning further activities.  
Additionally, we made some improvements regarding:  
  • Google Ads Integration,
  • Public APIs,
  • Better product feed mapping,
  • Better CTA links tracking.

🔧 Fixes:  

  • Optimized analytics,
  • Fixed subtitles not showing in the editor when uploaded manually.

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