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Video Creation and Customization in StorifyMe

June 3, 2024

With the latest update, StorifyMe Editor became much more powerful with enhanced functionalities.

Introducing StorifyMe Video Editor

Now, you can utilize the StorifyMe Editor to create and personalize StorifyMe short videos directly from your StorifyMe account. All the Story & Short creation features you need for easy and fast story and short creation are gathered in one place.  

With the integrated video editor, you can now handle all your Shorts creation needs within StorifyMe, making your work more efficient and streamlined.  

Our enhanced editor allows for comprehensive video customization, ensuring your stories and shorts are exactly how you envision them. Trim, cut, and move footage around the timeline and enhance it with interactive and engaging stickers.

Read on to find out why we're thrilled with these improvements - Popularity of Vertical Videos.

Greater flexibility in exporting your stories

We are excited to announce a new and improved Export option. Now, you can choose the slides you want to export and select the desired format.  

This option gives you more control over how your content is shared and utilized. The ability to select specific slides and formats ensures you get exactly what you need, enhancing content versatility and customizable export options to simplify content management and distribution.

Bring Your Media Assets from WoodWing

We are proud to announce the integration between WoodWing and StorifyMe. This integration allows users to store their data on servers that best meet their needs, maintaining complete control and flexibility when using the StorifyMe solution.

To activate WoodWing for your account visit the Integration part on your StorifyMe account. For more information visit our Help Center or ping us at, we would be happy to help!

Better Snaps SDKs Editor functionality with numerous improvements.

Our Snaps Editor got even more powerful with over 60 new improvements and bug fixes. This upgrade ensures a smoother, more efficient editing experience, empowering your users to create stunning snaps with ease.  

All these improvements make StorifyMe Snaps Editor more reliable and feature-rich, enhancing your overall user experience. On top of that, it streamlines workflow and allows you to produce high-quality Snaps more efficiently.

🌟 Improvements

Seamlessly manage and duplicate Stories from folders across different accounts.

Last month, we enabled a multi-account copy option. We have now improved this functionality with the option to copy a story from the folder to another account, making content management even more efficient.

Stay informed at every step of your product sync integration.

We’ve added detailed status updates for each step in the Product Sync Integration. This ensures you are fully informed about the progress and any issues during the synchronization process.  

Gain deeper insights into user interactions with your stories with detailed analytics for Swipe-ups.

🔧 Bug Fixes  

  • Improve the calculation of the average slider views in the story;  
  • Fix rare cases of posters not showing correctly after updating the story;  
  • Fix the subtitle not showing correctly in the widget in some cases.

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