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Custom events for engaging elements in Stories

November 1, 2023

Exciting news for data-driven marketers!
Say hello to a feature that’s made to understand your audience's behavior better!

Introducing custom events for stories' engaging elements

We just added a way to specify custom events for engaging elements in Stories. 

We understand the power of data-driven marketing and the importance of creating and enriching Stories with interactive and engaging elements that will activate your audiences. Now, you can define and specify custom events for engaging elements in Stories. Whether it’s a call to action button, swipe-ups, product tags, polls & quizzes, and more. 

Elevate your user engagement with stories that are not only visually appealing but also strategically designed to encourage user interaction, drive conversions, and achieve your marketing goals.

Define the position for subtitles in videos 

You asked, and we listened. We added a way to define subtitles in the middle for the split-screen videos and to make sure all the videos are optimized for all the devices and screens.


  • Improve performance when loading personalized data in stories.
  • Add more relevant information when sending Google Analytics events.

🔧 Fixes:

  • Fixed loading ads and ensured all ads were correctly loaded in the story.
  • Fixed ads autoplay occasionally not working.
  • Fixed an issue in the editor where the user was not able to define the ad unit path.

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