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🚀 Export as Video & New Share Dialogue in Editor 🚀

May 10, 2022

What a week! With two HUGE feature releases we are closer to being the only tool our users need in order to create & deliver amazing stories to their audience. 

🚀 Feature Releases 🚀 :

  • Export story as Video
  • New Share dialog in Editor

Users are now able to export their stories as videos and upload them to their social media (or anywhere they need them). Our Smart Export will make sure all of your animations are detected and downloaded, together with all of the elements in your stories. 
With our New Share Dialogue , once users click on the Share button within our editor, ways to share the story with everyone, either using the generated link or the QR code.

Furthermore, from the same dialog they can choose to export the story in the desired format so they can share it on social media or host it on their own platform. At the moment we support Video and zip export.

Export as video, zip or create a QR code in StorifyMe editor

🌟 1 Improvement :

  • Media Asset Management improved with a new design

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