Latest Update

Introducing Product Feed Integration

April 1, 2024

2 new features 🚀, 7 new improvements 🌟, 3 bug fixes 🔧

Bring your products to StorifyMe and sell directly from Stories  

Last month, we added an option to integrate Product Feed into your eCommerce platform and to empower a seamless shopping user experience. Product Feeds are designed to ensure a proper product showcase and to increase the number of satisfied buyers.  

We added an option for importing the client’s product base into your StorifyMe Account.  

This ensures that you can seamlessly add products into stories or shorts, while StorifyMe will automatically sync the product status to provide relevant and up-to-date information for buyers.  

Streamline the process of adding products and creating Shoppable Experiences

Product Search option makes finding products in the Stories Editor much easier. From now on, you can search for products by product name and save time while adding products and creating Shoppable Experiences.

StorifyMe Product Search
Easily find and connect products with product tags and product carousels.

🌟 Improvements  

Control the content distribution by giving or limiting sharing options to end users

We improved the Snaps SDKs and added more customization options. From now on, you can control if you want to publish Snaps immediately when the end user creates it. Moreover, you can choose to hide or unhide the Share button in Snap. This will add or limit an option for end users to distribute content further.  

In that way, you will maintain full control over the content that’s being shared.    

Up to 87% faster widget loading

Choose which server you want to load widgets from – StorifyMe or your custom. Content that’s packed from StorifyMe servers will have a huge load speed improvement. This improvement is mainly for clients with custom domains, affecting the speed with which widgets load.

Ping us to check out how we can optimize widget loading speed for you.

Smarter StorifyMe Assistant  

With the latest improvement, StorifyMe Assistant is much faster, and it fills out Story templates.  

Moreover we:
  • Added tracking origin "server" for Adobe Analytics;
  • Improved Google video ads interaction with skippable ads;
  • Improved accessibility;
  • Added an option for Turkish language translation.

🔧 Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed rare occurrences where the already seen story was not marked as such; 
  • Fixed new stories not showing when the widget has a lot of stories;
  • Fixed issue on iOS 17 where the Shorts video wasn't correctly auto-playing.

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