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Ending 2022 with New Features

December 29, 2022

As we're closing 2022 we couldn't wait but work on new features and improvements on our product. What's recently been a big request from our client is improving the methods of embedding a single story on a website. What we've worked on simultaneously is SSO with Azure Active Directory, that will enable more options for our enterprise clients.

Let's sum up all the news you'll be able to enjoy using StorifyMe.


  • Added new ways to embed a single story on your website
  • Added Single Sign-on with Azure Active Directory
Single story now available on a website with new embed methods.

🌟 Improvements

  • Added CTA configuration to open the link in the same tab
  • Added more currencies for product tags

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed minor issues when generating sitemap file
  • Fixed widget right arrow smaller than left on Safari on some devices
  • Fixed a rare issue where a story first slide was auto-advanced too early

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