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🚀 New Features in Analytics, Media Assets & Google Web Stories

September 21, 2022

Past few weeks kept our team super busy but we managed to go LIVE with not 1, not 2, but THREE new features for our customers to enjoy.

🚀 New Features 🚀

Affiliate Source Tracking in Analytics
Customers who promote StorifyMe can now see the source of the affiliates they referred to StorifyMe. Once customers login to Analytics - Specific Story Analytics, they will be able to see the exact channels their affiliates came through, helping them to boost the right channel, and earn more commissions.

Users can now see how each channel is performing for their affiliate campaigns.

Search feature in the Media Asset Upload section
Users can now search over their assets quickly and easily by asset name and AI-generated tags. This should shorten the time needed to create a story and give our customers a better UI.

Support for Swipe Up button in Google AMP stories
We added support for Google AMP page outlink in the swipe-up engaging element. This will allow one interaction to navigate to a link in the CTA on Google Web AMP stories

🌟 Improvements 🌟

  • Users can now pick the SEO type of the story on the Publish Story screen
  • API is extended and now includes the necessary fields for Stories resources
  • Arrows in widgets are now centered in line with the story thumbnails

🔧 Fixes 🔧

  • Improved the font loading time and resources

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