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April 30, 2024

3 new features 🚀, 6 improvements 🌟, 5 bug fixes 🔧

Empower workflow with multi-account story copy

We're thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement for our multi-account users! Introducing the ability to seamlessly copy stories between accounts, streamlining your workflow and optimizing efficiency.

With the new Multi-Account Story Copy option, you can duplicate stories across different accounts with ease, saving valuable time and effort. Our intuitive interface empowers you to transfer stories effortlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters most - creating exceptional content.  

Whether you're managing multiple projects or collaborating with team members across various accounts, our Multi-Account Story Copy feature ensures smooth communication and seamless sharing of ideas.

Copy stories across multiple accounts.

Boost Efficiency with Duplicate Widget Option

Introducing a game-changing feature - the Duplicate Widget Option. Now, users can effortlessly duplicate widgets within their accounts, unlocking multiple benefits to enhance their workflow.

By eliminating the need to recreate widgets from scratch, users can save valuable time previously spent on repetitive tasks. Duplicate widgets instantly and invest your time where it matters most. With duplicated widgets, customization becomes a breeze. Users can quickly tweak and refine existing widgets to suit their needs, without the hassle of starting from square one.

Enhanced Segmentation with And & Except Tags

Unlock the power of precise content segmentation with our latest feature - And & Except Tags. Now, organizing stories and shorts within widgets is more detailed and effective than ever before.  

With And & Except Tags, you can fine-tune widget content to match specific criteria. Define precisely which stories and shorts should be included (And Tags) and excluded (Except Tags), ensuring tailored content delivery to your audience.

Ensure that your users receive only the most relevant content. By leveraging And & Except Tags, you can curate widgets with pinpoint accuracy, delivering content that aligns perfectly with your users' interests and preferences. Personalization is key to a superior user experience. With And & Except Tags, you can create a tailored content journey for your audience, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Elevate your content segmentation strategy with And & Except Tags. Deliver hyper-targeted content experiences, increase user engagement, and drive meaningful results.  

Use Add & Except tags to segment content better.

🌟 Improvements

Better Snaps SDKs

With the latest release we added a new function setToken for better control of authorization token. Moreover, we enabled custom-grouped templates in Snaps Editor. From now on, you can control which templates are displayed in the Templates tab.

Optimized preload Story speed

Latest updated affected story preload performance and ensured better user experience and smoother scrolling.  

Moreover, we made some other improvements:

  • Improved logic for sign-up and login for better UX;
  • Make Google Video Ads fully accessible;
  • Added support for widget pagination;
  • Better accessibility.

🔧Bug fixes

  • Fixed Snaps Editor on Safari Desktop;
  • Fixed Story widget custom elements already defined;
  • Fixed subtitles not showing correctly for custom domain;
  • Text question is now multiline;
  • Show proper brand colors in the widget editor.

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