Latest Update

Product Carousel and Video Ads

December 1, 2023

Buckle up because we're about to take your user experience for a spin with our latest update! ✨

Introducing Product Carousels

Make product searches easier with suggested relevant products in-story. Product Carousel enhanced users experience and speed-up checkout process. On top of that, featured products in carousels skyrocket average order value and revenue as well! 

Swipe left or swipe right, and voila - you are a few steps away from implementing a seamless shopping experience! Product Carousels are available for adding to your account - ping us for more information!

Video Ads

We've taken StorifyMe Ads to the next level! From now on, it's possible to run video ads in-between stories or widgets!

Moreover, we added an option to manually adjust the position of each element in the StorifyMe Editor.


We've fine-tuned the core architecture of our platform to deliver an even smoother and more responsive user experience.

🔧 Fixes

  • Fix product tag showing undefined value for prices in some cases
  • Fix incorrect font weight when changing between custom fonts in the editor

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