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React Native SDK & Improved Story Ordering in the Widgets

February 22, 2023

🚀 StorifyMe now has React Native SDK 🚀

Apart from Flatter, IOS and Android SDK that were previously available, StorifyMe React Native SDK is available via private StorifyMe repository. In order to integrate SDK in your app, please specify StorifyMe dependency in your package.json file.

What are the benefits of using our React Native SDK?

  • Add stories to your React Native application
  • Style and edit widgets using StorifyMe editor
  • Segmentation targeting
  • Behavioral targeting 
  • Events  


  • Full control over what stories are being shown
  • Overriding events from StorifyMe stories
  • Intercept click events and run internal logic
  • etc

🚀 Improved Story Ordering in the Widgets

With improved widgets, stories can now be ordered custom. Users can now pick stories one by one and order them in any way they like them to show in their widgets.

Custom story ordering in widgets

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