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Short Like, Skippable Ads & SEO Title

January 31, 2024

Just like your ambitious New Year's resolutions, our team has been hard at work crafting some exciting improvements.

Added Short Like button

We are excited to announce we added a like button for Shorts. Now, audiences can engage more with the content businesses create. On the other hand, brands and businesses can directly measure the success of published short format videos.  

The "like" button in Shorts functions similarly to the like button on Instagram and similar platforms. It allows users to express their appreciation or approval of a short video by tapping the like button, which typically appears as a heart icon. When a user likes a short video, it sends a signal to the creator that their content was well-received.

Engage audience more with shorts like button.

Shorts Reaction Button Analytics

Moreover, you can easily track and measure reactions in StorifyMe Analytics.

Video format for Google Ad Integration

In one of the previous releases' notes we announced that we added a way to support Video Ads. This month we updated integration with Google Ad Manager, so from now on StorifyMe can support both – Native Videos Ads and Video Ads that come from Google.  

Skippable StorifyMe Native Ads

We added a way for users to skip StorifyMe Ads after a few seconds of watching it. This can ensure that running Ads between Stories and Widgets won’t interrupt user experience.  

Added SEO title for Stories and Shorts

On top of SEO description for Stories and Shorts, from now on users can add SEO Title to each experience they create. This makes Stories and Shorts even more SEO Friendly.

🌟 Improvements

Improved Snaps SDK

This release made Snaps SDK even better. With the latest update, we improved developer experience and added more possibilities regarding Snaps.

Autoplay widgets with sound

We added an option to autoplay widgets with sound after users' land for the first time on the website or mobile application.

🔧 Fixes

  • Resolved problem in duplicating stories after scheduling;
  • Fixed issue with posters occasionally not generated.

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