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StorifyMe Assistant

October 3, 2023

StorifyMe is always working hard on bringing new features to the table!
So, let’s go over the things we worked on the past month🎊

We introduce you to the StorifyMe Assistant!

Now you can have assistance throughout the whole process of making stories!

No Inspiration for the new story on how to promote your product that has just launched? No problem! There’s our Assistant to help you out! Just describe what you have in mind and the StorifyMe Assistant will create a single story or a set of stories for you. Start from scratch or choose one of the specially designed and optimized templates. 

On top of that, with StorifyMe Assistant you can transform long-form articles into shorter, snackable content. Just provide the StorifyMe Assistant with the URL, choose the preferred number of slides and there you go - the Assistant will create stories for you!

Your personal story creator!

We encourage you to try StorifyMe Assistant.

🌟 Improvements 
  • Ads can now be defined on the widget level! Like this, different widgets can show ads from different providers as you set it. 
  • Ad sizes are now changeable so that you can ensure that all elements of value are properly displayed.
  • Loading performance for ads is now improved for stories and widgets.
🔧 Fixes
  • We fixed a rare issue of widget posters not appearing correctly

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