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StorifyMe Mobile Native Formats

August 30, 2023

We are thrilled to announce what we have been up to the last couple of weeks!

Introducing StorifyMe Mobile Native Formats

We are all witnessing the world moving toward mobile experience and the urge to adapt to this. That’s why we created mobile native formats that can be easily integrated into any platform -  mobile application or website!

Interactive and engaging mobile native experience.

After the amazing success StorifyMe In-App and Web Stories achieved we did a major upgrade to our solution. From now on, StorifyMe supports all the mobile formats people love - Shorts, Snaps, Ads, and Stories as well.

Think of it as creating your own social platform in your business's mobile app and website but with full control over the data, content, and audiences. 

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Style Story Embed

On top of all of that, we did some upgrades to Direct Stories. From now on, you can customize the widget for Direct Stories and play with the way it embeds using custom codes. 

Add link to an image 

Additonal upgrade regarding CTA buttons and linking option. Now, it’s possible to make image in stories clickable. 

🌟 Improvements
  • The videos in widgets will be muted or unmuted based on the user's last choice.
  • Accessibility improvements regarding GIFs and animations.
  • Added a way to mark images as decorative.
  • Improved analytics events for Widgets.
  • Make layers in editor show from top to bottom.
🔧 Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with swipe up not correctly generating the preview page.
  • Fixed an occasional text jumping in the stories editor.

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