Latest Update

StorifyMe Shorts, Video Poster and Story Ordering

March 1, 2024

Ready to dive into another round of game-changing updates?  

Intorducing Shorts

Introducing StorifyMe Shorts - the short video format that will hook your audience's attention in the first few seconds they land on your platform. From now on, you can use the power of video format to improve user experience in an interactive and engaging way.

Whether you want to spotlight game highlights, streamline shopping experience or to provide interactive and engaging onboarding – we got you! No matter what your business is up to - your audience will love Shorts!  

Read more about StorifyMe Shorts, or contact us to learn more about it.

Added Video Posters

With the latest update, we added an option to upload video posters for the story & short widget. From now on, you can choose which format you want to upload as a poster for Story and Short widget. Whether is that static visual or video, one thing is sure – you will engage users even better!

Story & Shorts Ordering

Moreover, we added an option for specific ordering in widgets. You can now place Story or Short in the widget in a specific position by your choice.  

Moreover, we added server tracking in Adobe Analytics and a deep link for mobile and web SDKs.

🌟 Improvements

Keep user audio setting when switching between stories

With the latest update we made improvements regarding user preferences and audio settings. Going forward, videos will automatically play either muted or unmuted based on individual user preferences for every session.

More customizable Snap SDK

From now one you will have option to customize text for confirmation modal after end user click on Save button in Snaps Editor.  

We made improvements regarding to:  

  • Renamed SEO properties for better clarity
  • Improved widget settings and widget seen logic
  • Persistent uploaded media in Snaps Editor for end-user

🔧 Fixes

  • Fix issue with widget alignment  
  • Fix Google Ad Manager for iOS
  • Fix issue with audio when exporting stories

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