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⚡️Subtitle Position, Story Preview Update & Improved Story Experience

July 7, 2022

🚀 New: Position Subtitle to the top or the bottom of the slide

Users can choose how to position their video subtitles, at the top or on the bottom, depending on their slide structure or the video itself. Users can still style and customize their subtitles no matter of the position of the subtitle.

Choose do you wish your subtitles to show on the bottom or on the top of your slide

🌟 Improvements:

  • Add a way to set the custom poster in the story video
  • Preview story will start from the last updated slide in the story

🔧 Fixes:

  • Fix full-bleed image not visible when background image is set
  • Fix inconsistent font-family when pasting the text in the editor
  • Fix incorrect text width in the AMP web stories
  • Fix occasional wrong alignment in the AMP web stories
  • Fix occasional crash when exporting the story for social networks
  • Remove gray border for videos on the iOS devices

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