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Subtitles: Design, Export & Multiple Subtitles per slide

June 19, 2022

🚀 New:

Our team worked hard to deliver one of the most asked for features - multiple subtitles per story. While they were working on enabling this feature they also added couple of options for styling the subtitles.
Now not only that our users can have subtitle for each video on their slide, they can add subtitles for any video, no matter if the video is only partially visible.
All of our users using StorifyMe for their social media stories can enjoy new feature that allows export of subtitles

  • Subtitle for each video on the slide
  • Subtitle custom design
  • Show subtitles in exported social network stories

🌟 Improvements:

  • Improve handling the styles in the editor text field when deleting the whole text
  • Improved quality of the exported social media video resolution

🔧 Fixes:

  • Fix export story as social occasionally not working for large images

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