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Email marketing innovation - make your emails stand out

Once you understand the presence and the importance of email marketing innovation, you will know why it is vital that you keep track of it.

January 22, 2024

Email marketing innovation

When it comes to marketing tools emails tend to stand out. While other tools come and go, emails are a part of marketing for over 40 years now. And during that time, they've consistently evolved to follow technological developments and marketing trends. Even after social media, emails still hold a distinct role in marketing. And you'd be a fool not to use them in your marketing campaign. With this in mind, we will take a closer look at email marketing innovation and how to set up your email marketing campaign.

Keeping tabs on email marketing innovation

Every company that makes a long-term marketing plan will use emails to a certain extent. Some will use generic emails to little effect. While others will invest in customer research and develop an email strategy that actually yields results. If you want your email to reach your audience, it is paramount that you keep track of email marketing trends, and their applications.


Long gone are the days where you could make a generic email, send it to all your customers, and expect results. Today, this is the quickest way to have your company permanently in the email spam file. For modern emails to be effective, you need to use personalization to a high extent.

A board that says "When you speak to everyone you speak to no one."
You need to tailor your marketing content to your audience.


Through personalization, you can determine when and which emails to send. Companies use personalization to filter through customer data and develop marketing strategies. If you do your research and set up your campaign properly, you can seemingly always make the right offer at the right time.


With the amount of data necessary to make personalization viable, it might seem that only large-scale companies should consider email marketing. But, in actuality, even modestly sized companies can set up an email campaign with a surprisingly high degree of personalization. This is possible through clever automation and its ease of use. Modern tools allow marketing managers to automatically collect and sort customer data. Furthermore, with modern software, you can automate a large part of your email sending, and not have to manually optimize each and every email.


LTL (long-term customer loyalty) is one of the emerging principles of modern marketing. What it means is that focusing on short-term customer acquisition is wrong. To truly garner a decent revenue, you need to find, engage and most importantly maintain your relationship with customers.

Loyalty program next to coins.
Loyalty programs are becoming more and more cost-effective.

Seeing that more and more people turn online for shopping, picking a new company has become a bit of a burden. With this in mind, companies recognized that actively working on customer loyalty pays dividends. As you can imagine, personalization is terribly important with customer loyalty, and you can hardly show your appreciation without them. And one of the better ways of establishing a long-term connection with your customers is through emails.

Setting up an email marketing strategy

With all that we've said, it might seem that setting up a good email marketing strategy is difficult. After all, it will require you to have in-depth knowledge of your customer base. And to understand how to create engaging content for your email marketing efforts. But, don't worry. Email marketing can be surprisingly straightforward to handle.

Outline your goals

While it may seem like a good idea at first, you really should avoid trying to utilize the full potential of emails. They are a multipurpose tool that you can use for a variety of tasks. But they won't be the best tool for all of them. So, instead, try to determine which marketing goal you have in mind where emails can help you out the most. Their most common use is for:

By picking a specific task, you can more easily track the performance of your emails, and see whether some improvements are in order. Most companies require some time before they find the right style of emails. This is why don't want to invest too much, too soon, as you stand to have little ROI.

Get the right tools

There are plenty of tools that you can find and use for your email marketing. Some will help you create and send emails, while others will help you track their performance and outline possible issues. Among the ones we find most useful are:

  • HubSpot
  • Sender
  • Sendinblue
  • SendPulse
  • Benchmark Email

To find which one suits you best, we recommend that you first outline your marketing needs and budget. That way you can see which tool you can afford.

Create quality emails

Quality over quantity is another principle of modern email marketing. Boring, generic, uninspired emails can even hurt your overall brand, not to mention ruin your marketing efforts. So, if you truly want to make use of emails, learn how to write good ones. Your style, tone, and composition all play a role in how people will perceive your emails. If researching them all sounds like a burden, don't shy away from hiring a professional. Just make sure that they have a good understanding of what your brand is all about.

A marketing professional working on email marketing innovation.
An experienced professional can do you a world of good with email marketing innovation.


When it comes to email content, it is also important to mention that you don't have to solely rely on written content. Comics, animations, story content, images... All of them can be used to spruce up your emails with visual content. In fact, companies that invest heavily in their email campaigns usually rely as little as possible on written content.


When it comes to email marketing innovation nobody knows what the future will be like. If history has taught us anything it's that emails have a specific role in our online presence that no other platform can substitute. Even though we have various ways to DM each other, emails still play a distinct role. So, no matter which marketing trends come and go, we are fairly certain that emails are here to stay.

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