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How to Make the Most of In-App Stories in 2023 — Tips and Examples

Having an app is a must nowadays. But how can you with the help of stories make the most of it? Here are some tips to boost your in-app traffic end sales.

Customer Success Team
January 23, 2024

In today's digital landscape, mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. From social media platforms to e-commerce apps, mobile devices have revolutionized the way we connect, engage, and consume content. Vertical content has grown in popularity and it seems that trend will continue. As a result of all of this, creating mobile-native content specifically designed for an in-app experience has become increasingly important.

So without further ado let's explore why mobile-native content is crucial for delivering exceptional in-app experiences and how you can make the most of it.

Does Your Business Even Need an App?

We have to start by asking this question first. It’s 2023 and it is kind of apparent that the answer to this question would be yes. But let’s discuss it for a little bit.

Given the unbelievable amount of internet traffic today, having a mobile app has become more of a necessity than a luxury for businesses. Not only does it allow companies to engage with their customers in real time, but it also provides a platform for them to showcase their products or services.

Yes, apps are very much important and you should use their maximum potential. Now that we all know that let’s see in what ways you can leverage in-app stories.

Funnel Your Customers via In-App Stories

How to lead customers through your communication channels and encourage them to purchase your product is always an ongoing question. With in-app stories, you can effortlessly and effectively onboard people to your app. StorifyMe provides snackable snippets for your target. They won’t have trouble understanding your platform when provided with smaller portions of information in the form of multi-sensorial messages where they have all the information needed but do not have to spend time reading or watching long videos.

Through that process, it will be easy for your potential customers to get your brand and products without even noticing it. Then you can use in-app stories for extra subscriptions to newsletters and loyalty programs. As you can see yourself, the possibilities are endless.

Your In-App Stories Should be Seamlessly Integrated

There shouldn’t be any harsh borders between your in-app and stories and other parts of your app. Seamless integration equals a better user experience.

You should avoid abrupt transitions. When adding stories to your app, make sure that the widget flows naturally within the platform, matching its style and branding. Pay attention to cues for your app users. They should be clear and easy to understand. That will ensure a cohesive user journey.

To achieve that, you should pay attention to the guidelines in the StorifyMe editor. You can finesse the story design by combining text and image opacity, make sure the transitions are seamless too, and that the graphics are high in resolution.

While on this subtopic, here’s a quick but important note. An implementation that you absolutely have nothing to worry about is the integration of stories into the app itself. StorifyMe provides SDKs for four operative systems: StorifyMe Android, StorifyMe iOS, StorifyMe Flutter, and StorifyMe React Native. With these easy-to-use toolkits, you’ll be able to integrate stories within seconds.

Seamless integration with StorifyMe SDKs
Easily integrate stories into your app by using StorifyMe SDKs.

Personalization is the Key

Every brand should have its distinctive buyer persona and target audience. There are specific criteria for your potential customers. And you get familiar with them by analyzing your users’ preferences and behavior.

Having this said, you should leverage user data to deliver relevant content that resonates with each individual. There are now platforms like StorifyMe that can provide an all-in-one experience for you and with Stoifyme Analytics it is now significantly easier to keep track of analytics. You can personalize the stories including interests, geo-targeting, language, names, and other criteria.

You’ll have access to information about the performances of all the elements and be able to combine analytics of single events. That way you can tailor stories to your consumers’ interests and needs. This ensures repeated visits and increased engagement, and therefore increased revenue.

Use In-App Stories For Monetization

One of the best ways to make use of in-app stories is by monetizing your content or even providing ad space for your partners’ promotions and offers.

By using StorifyMe you can achieve that engaging effect even when showing just ads to your audiences. When amongst other stories, they’re indistinguishable. Your ads can be seamlessly integrated and don’t have to look like typical overwhelming ads. Those can be fully personalized and contextual. They can be as exciting as any other story that you would like to show to your potential customers.

When it comes to partnerships, in-app StorifyMe ads can be especially useful. Picture this situation — you have great traffic on your app, which you surely will have if you use in-app stories. Naturally, your partners would like to promote their product or service on a popular app. And that’s how you can contribute to the partnership in question. Easy as that!

Ads as interesting and engaging as typical web story
Monetize your app through in-app stories.

In-App Stories as a Competitive Advantage

Given the situation where every one of us is accustomed to stories and vertical content in general, it would be natural for your app to have stories within itself. This could be an advantage in comparison to your competitors. Through stories, you can show your potential customers your brand’s personality more than through other channels.

In-app stories could be the perfect opportunity for your users to get to know your brand better and even engage with it. Through UGC they can easily connect to the brand. There are many members of your audience that would love to contribute and share their experiences. That can enhance their and the trust of new users in your brand which could be a crucial advantage of your business.

An example of that is creating news by the readers or viewers. When there is an unexpected situation that could be interesting or important, many from the audience would like to be the bearers of news. The stories provided by the end users will be managed by the publisher through the moderation panel provided by StorifyMe.

Use Interactive Elements

When we talk about in-app stories and how to make the most of them, we should mention the importance of interactive elements. They can have a great impact on your business. Via those elements, you can: improve your branding, get to know your customers, and in the end, increase sales.

You can accomplish that by utilizing interactive elements that you can find in the StorifyMe editor. Those are such as CTA buttons, stickers, swipe-ups, and product tags. You can use questionnaires and polls to find out more about your audience, their preferences, and viewpoints. Then you can easily decide which of your customers should be provided with what type of content next.

For example, if your business provides airplane tickets, some of the first steps your customers make when they come to your app is giving you the info about the preferred time for a vacation and the number of tickets needed. Based on that, the next stories they see could be about the flights to destinations available in that time span.

By utilizing the above-mentioned elements you can not only make your users’ experiences more interesting but also make your marketing efforts more worth it. You can easily increase sales by making the purchase effortless for your customers. If you can encourage them to purchase directly from the story slide they’re on at that given moment, you’ll increase revenue.

Offer Exclusive Content

People love exclusive treatment. They will know if they’ve been treated just like sales and numbers. In 2023 it is thought that Gen Z pays attention to such things, but every age group is concerned with the brand’s intentions and its view on the customers. That has been proven many times by now.

A step further is to reward some parts of your audience, for example, the ones that go to your app. You can leverage in-app stories for exclusive content that users cannot find elsewhere. This could include sneak peeks of new products or services, behind-the-scenes looks at your business, or exclusive discounts or promotions. This will encourage users to engage with your brand and promote your products or services to others.

Going the extra mile is to provide exclusive offers combined with personalized content for your audience. Take into account audience segmentation and provide your users with special offers made specifically for them. With StorifyMe all of that and even more is possible.

In-app special offer example
Offer special deals to your app users.

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