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Understanding numbers and translating pure data into meaningful insights is a valuable skill.
Marketing analytics is nothing more than the representation of your targeted consumers' behavior. Through data, you can easily understand what your audience likes and dislikes, and what they like to interact with. By making data-driven decisions you can effectively please your audience.

Monitoring marketing analytics is the key to successful campaigns

To assess the performance of your campaign you will need marketing analytics and the right tools for that. Today, web and in-app stories are a heavily required part of a marketing campaign. In order to coordinate your efforts you should have access to analytics of every single element of your story. 

Thanks to features such as StorifyMe Analytics, now you can monitor individual elements or group their analytics. By attributing an ID to various CTA buttons or product tags you can keep track of valuable metrics. Moreover, with the option of giving each slide a specific, custom title, you can measure the success of the slide in question.

That way you can evaluate the exact number of clicks and have a perspective of the CTR (click-through rate). You’ll have access to information about the performances of all the elements and be able to combine analytics of single events.

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