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E-commerce brands can use web and in-app stories to reach their target audiences and drive sales. Web stories are becoming increasingly popular for their snackable format, allowing buyers to get more info about the product in a concise way. The stories can be used to emphasize new products, products on sale, and marketing campaigns. In addition, brands can leverage shoppable stories to decrease customer journey. By having stories that are shoppable, buyers can directly purchase the items they are interested in without having to search for them on the website. This can save time and increase customer satisfaction.

Brands can use stories to build trust and loyalty with their customers. By sharing stories about their products, brands can help customers understand the product better and give them a better insight into their brand. This can help create better relationships with customers, leading to more sales and repeat customers. 

E-commerce brands can use web and in-app stories to create personalized and dynamic content for each customer. By using these stories, e-commerce brands can provide a story for each customer that includes a relevant product, making their conversion rate optimization easier than ever before. Brands can use in-app stories to create personalized shopping experiences for each customer, such as highlighting products that are relevant to their interests or preferences.

In addition, stories can be used to create visual product reviews, to show behind the scenes content, and to demonstrate product usage. 

Another way to use stories can be to share customer stories that feature their products and to share customer reviews and feedback. 

Web and in-app stories can be a powerful tool for e-commerce brands. They can be used to drive sales, decrease customer journey, and build trust and loyalty with customers.

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