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There are two ways you can add web stories to your website.First one is through coding or with a drag & drop solution.

Custom Code

1. Create your web story: Use a platform like Google Web Storie to create the content for your web story. 

2. Publish your web story: Once your story is created, save it as an HTML file and upload it to your website. This can be done by using an FTP client, or by using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. 

3. Add the story to your web page: Once your story is on your website, embed it into a web page. You can do this by using the HTML <iframe> code, or by using a WordPress plugin like Web Stories for WordPress. 

4. Promote your story: Share the link to your web story on social media platforms, in email newsletters, and in other places to get the word out. 

5. Track performance: Use tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of your web story and see how well it’s doing. 

You can also use heatmaps and other tools to get more insights into how users are engaging with your story.

Drag & Drop Solution

1. Create a web story in a drag & drop editor. Animate it, add custom fonts, audiences and dynamic items; add engaging elements and shoppable elements

2. Preview & Publish your story

3. Create and customize a widget that will represent a container for your stories on your website and connect widgets with stories through tags.

4.Add widget code to your website. Once added, you can add/remove/edit existing and new stories to your website, with no additional code needed. You can publish/unpublish your stories in a single click.

5.Once your stories are on your website you can additionally share them via link or QR code on your marketing channels.

6. Track performance within a drag & drop solution. Usually each tool has an analytics feature allowing users to see data related to their story performance. StorifyMe allows you to see how each slide of each story performed and users can segment it further. It also allows digging deeper into the engagement of each engaging element.

Drag & Drop Solutions for Adding Stories to your website

StorifyMe - allows Google web stories, web stories, in-app stories, landing stories and more - allows Google web stories

Storlyly - Allows in-app stories and web stories

Appester - Allows google web stories - Allows google web stories

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